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2000 Hybrid Theory

total 40 items

CDBrazil, 936247755-2  
 Colombia, 9 47755-2  
 Indonesia, 9 47755-2  
 Japan, WPCR-22110, Reissue  
 Mexico, 477552 2  
 Philippines, 9 47755-2  
 Singapore, 9 47755-2  
 Taiwan, 4711169003196  
 Thailand, 9 477552-2  
Special EditionChina, JH-1463, Cassette  
 Hong Kong, 9 48267-2  
 India, 9 48267-2  
 Malaysia, 9 48267-4, Cassette  
 Philippines, 9 48267-2  
 South Korea, 9 48267-2  
 Taiwan, 9362-48267-2  
 Taiwan, 9362-48267-2, Reissue  
 Thailand, 48267-4, Cassette  
 Thailand, 9 48267-2  
CassetteBulgaria, 9362-47755-4  
 Canada, 24 77554  
 Russia, 9362-47765-4  
 South Korea, 9 47755-4  
PromoColombia, CD 598675-9  
 France, 3 Track CD-R  
 Hybrid Theory Promo Skate Decks  
 Hybrid Theory Promo Skate Decks 2015  
 Japan, Promo for WPCR-10877 (Japanese Text)  
 Thailand, Special Edition, Promo Only Stamp  
 United Kingdom, Promo Only Sticker  
 United States, Album, Hybrid Theory Promo  
 United States, Clone CD, 2000-07-18  
 United States, Clone CD, 2000-09-11  
 United States, D138183, BMG Issue  
 United States, Unmastered Studio Finals  
 United States, WO36340, 3/4 Mastering Tape  
 United States, WO37742, VHS  
 With You / POA Sampler Tapewww.linkinpark.com  
AwardRIAA Platinum Award  
 WEA Brazil 200k Sales Award  

2001 Frat Party

total 10 items

DVDJapan, WPBR-90057  
 Japan, WPBR-90127  
 Japan, WPBR-90780  
 Mexico, 75993855425  
VCDPhilippines, 7599-38554-5  
 Singapore, 7599-38554-5  
 Taiwan, 7599385545  
VHSCanada, 38554-3  
 United States, 3-38554  
PromoThailand, Promo Only Stamp   

2002 Reanimation

total 24 items

CDBrazil, 936248326-2, Jewel Case  
 Canada, CDW 48326, Digipack  
 Germany, 9362-48326-2, Jewel CasePoland  
 Indonesia, 9 48326-2, Digipack  
 Japan, WPCR-22003, Reissue  
 Mexico, 48326-2, Digipack  
 Singapore, 9 48326-2, Digipack  
 South Korea, 9 48326-2, Digipack  
 South Korea, 9 48326-2, Digipack, 2  
 Taiwan, 9362-48326-2, Jewel Case  
 Thailand, 9 48326-2, Digipack  
DVD AudioJapan, WPAR-10038  
 Taiwan, 9362-48326-9  
VinylUnited Kingdom, 9362-48326-1  
CassetteIndia, TC 90120  
 Philippines, 9 48326-4  
 Russia, 9362 48326-4  
 Ukraine, 9362 48326-4/248326-4  
PromoAustralia, CD-R  
 Japan, Cassette  
 Thailand, Promo Only Stamp, Digipack  
 United Kingdom, VHS  
 United States, DVD-A Test Press  
 United States, Watermarked 3tr CD-R  

2003 Meteora

total 30 items

CDBrazil, 936248462-2, Digipack  
 Germany, 9362 48443 2, Digipack  
 Indonesia, 48462-2, Digipack  
 Malaysia, 48462-2  
 Mexico, 484622 2, Digipack  
 Philippines, 48462-2, Digipack  
 Russia, 4607173153890  
Special EditionCanada, CDW 48463  
 Hong Kong, 9362-48463-2  
 Mexico, 484632-1  
 Philippines, 9362 48475-2  
 Taiwan, 9362 48475-2  
 United Kingdom, 9362 48461 2  
Tour EditionHong Kong, 9362 48842-2  
 India, 9362 48842-2  
 Malaysia, 93624 88422 4  
 Philippines, 9362 48842-2  
 South Korea, 9362488422, Digipack  
 Taiwan, 0093624884224  
VinylEuropean Union, 557761-1, Reissue  
CassetteRomania, 9362-48186-4  
 Russia, 48186-4  
 Thailand, 48186-4  
PromoArgentina, Promo Only Stamp  
 Japan, Promo for WPCR-11524  
 South Korea, Info Sticker On Case  
 South Korea, CD/DVD Info Sticker On Case  
 Thailand, Tour Edition, Promo Only Stamp  
 United States, Clone CD, Blue-Green  
 United States, Clone CD, White  

2003 Live In Texas

total 10 items

CD+DVDArgentina, 9362-48563-2, Digipack  
 Brazil, 936248628-2, Jewel Case  
 Canada, CDW 48563, Digipack  
 Germany, 9362 48638 2, Digipack  
 Germany, 9362-48563-2, Digipack  
DVD+CDRussia, 4690355000112, Amaray  
 United States, 38599-2, Amaray  
PromoFaint / Numb, United States, Clone CD  
 Hong Kong, Promo Only Stamp  
 United Kingdom, Watermarked Promo #27506  

2004 Collision Course

total 19 items

CD+DVDBrazil, 9362489632  
 Germany, 9362-48964-2, Digipack  
 Mexico, 48970-2, Digipack  
 Singapore, 48962-2, Digipack  
 Taiwan, 9362 48986 2  
 Thailand, 9362 48986 2, Digipack  
DVD+CDArgentina, 7599-38629-2 , Amaray  
 Australia, 7599386282, Amaray  
 Malaysia, 7599386282L, Amaray  
 Russia, 4690355000082  
VinylEuropean Union, 9362-48962-1  
 United States, 541578-1, Transparent Blue, RSD Reissue  
CassetteRomania, 9362-48962-4  
 United States, W-5542  
PromoAustralia, WCDB572  
 Japan, Promo For WPZR-30073/4  
 Thailand, Promo Only Stamp  
 United States, DVD-R  

2007 Minutes To Midnight

total 27 items

CDBrazil, 9362444772, Digipack  
 India, 123004-2  
 Indonesia, 123004-2  
 Japan, WPCR-78141, Reissue  
 Malaysia, 936249983-3, Digipack  
 Mexico, 44477-2, Digipack  
 Philippines, 44477-2, Digipack  
 Philippines, 44477-2, Jewel Case  
 United States, 123004-2, Jewel, Clean  
 United States, 44477-2, Digipack  
 Venezuela, 44477-2  
Special EditionCanada, 100719-2, Recalled  
 United States, 141372-2, Grey, Clean  
 United States, 170940-2, Black, Reissue  
 United States, 182716-2, Grey, Wal-Mart Exclusive, Clean  
Tour EditionIndonesia, 363132-2  
 Japan, Promo CD-R  
 Malaysia, 9362499019  
 Singapore, 363132-2  
 Thailand, 363132-2  
PromoGreece, DVD-R  
 Japan, DVD-R  
 Japan, Promo For WPCR-12610  
 Japan, Promo For WPCR-12808, Tour Edition  
 Taiwan, Tour Edition, Promo Only Stamp  
 Thailand, Promo Only Stamp, Jewel Case  
 Thailand, Tour Edition, Promo Only Stamp  

2008 Road To Revolution

total 16 items

CD+DVDBrazil, 9362498095  
 Colombia, 516749-2, Digipack  
 Indonesia, 516749-2  
 Japan, WPZR-30320-1, Digipack  
 Philippines, 516748-2  
 South Korea, WKPD-0008, Digipack  
 Taiwan, DVD+CD  
 Thailand, 516749-2  
Blu-rayBrazil, 0-7599-39993-58  
 Russia, 4690355001539  
PromoArgentina, Promo Only Stamp  
 European Union, W/O#442905, Betacam  
 Hong Kong, LOATR Promo  
 United Kingdom, DVD-R  
 Work In Progress (With Jay-Z)  
 Work In Progress (Without Jay-Z)  

2008 Songs From The Underground

total 6 items

CDChina, 2307659  
 Hong Kong, 516691-2  
 Philippines, 516691-2  
 Singapore, 516691-2  
 Thailand, 9362-49810-3  
Promo Japan, Promo for WPCR-13468 (Japanese Text)  

2010 A Thousand Suns

total 21 items

CDColombia, 525581-2  
 European Union, 9362-49628-4  
 India, 525375-2  
 Indonesia, 525581-2  
 Mexico, 525375-2  
 Philippines, 525581-2  
 Russia, 2-544942, Reissue  
CD+DVDCanada, 2-525463  
 Taiwan, 9362-49631-7  
+Colombia, 527130-2  
 Philippines, 527130-2  
 Thailand, 527130-2  
PromoItaly, CD/DVD, Promo Only Sticker  
 Japan, Promo For WPZR-30375/6  
 Taiwan, +, Promo Only Stamp  
 Thailand, Promo Only Stamp  
 United Kingdom, +, Promo  
 United States, DVD-R, 16:9  
 United States, DVD-R, 4:3  
 United States, Info Sticker On Case  
 United States, Instrumentals  

2012 Living Things

total 10 items

CDChile, 2-531345  
 India, 531345-2  
 New Zealand, 9362495048  
 Thailand, 2-531345  
PromoAustralia, Tour Edition Promo  
 Japan, Promo For WPCR-14496  
 Thailand, Promo Only Stamp  
 United Kingdom, Promo Only Stamp  
 United States, Share To Earn CD-R  
 United States, Test Press Record  

2013 Recharged

total 11 items

CDChile, 2-536922  
 Colombia, 536922-2  
 Mexico, 536922-2  
 Philippines, 2-539622  
 Thailand, 2-536922  
Deluxe EditionUnited States, 536490-2  
PromoJapan, Promo DVD  
 Recharge Rubble Pack, United States  
 Taiwan, Promo Only Stamp  
 United States, W11155-14, Watermarked Promo  
 United States, W12324-20, Watermarked Promo  

2014 The Hunting Party

total 10 items

CDBrazil, 0093624937593  
 India, 093624937593  
 Mexico, 543028-2  
 United States, 543028-2  
CD+DVDJapan, WPZR-30613/4  
 Taiwan, 9362-49369-8  
PromoJapan, DVD Promo  
 Japan, Promo For WPZR-30613/4  
 Thailand, CD+DVD Promo  
 United States, W15030-21, Watermarked Promo  

2017 One More Light

total 4 items

CDArgentina, 559687-2  
 Thailand, 559687-2  
PromoArgentina, Promo Only Stamp  
 Thailand, Promo Only Stamp  

Linkin Park Singles

total 161 items

2000 One Step Closer

total 6 items

PromoFrance, CD-R  
 United Kingdom, VHS v2  
 United States, Multitracks  
 United States, PRO-CD-100323, CD-R  
 United States, VHS, WO34450  
 United States, VHS, WO35206  

2001 Crawling

total 9 items

CDAustralia, 9362449952  
PromoBrazil, CDWP071, Blitz Cidade  
 Brazil, CDWP072, Agente 103  
 Japan, Promo for WPBR-90029  
 Japan, WPBR-90029, Test DVD  
 United Kingdom, W556C, DAT Tape  
 United States, VHS, 04/09/2001  
 United States, VHS, 04/10/2001  
 United States, VHS, 04/18/2001  

2001 Papercut

total 4 items

PromoGreece, Promo Only Sticker  
 United Kingdom, CD-R, 3 Tracks  
 United Kingdom, VHS, 1  
 United Kingdom, VHS, 3  

2001 In The End

total 2 items

PromoGermany, PR02753  
 Israel, PR02753  

2001 Hybrid Theory Misc

total 5 items

PromoBy Myself, United States, Multitracks, Clone CD  
 My December, United States, CD-R  
 Points Of Authority, United Kingdom, VHS  
 Points of Authority, United States, WO#246287, VHS  
 Runaway, United States, Multitracks, CD-R  

2002 Pts.Of.Athrty + H! Vltg3

total 9 items

PromoPts.Of.Athrty, BENELUX  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, Japan, PRO-CDR-100942  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, Taiwan, VCD  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, United Kingdom  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, United Kingdom, DVD-R  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, United Kingdom, VHS  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, US, Review DVD  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, US, W.O. #118881  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, WO#246338, VHS  

2002 Reanimation Misc

total 5 items

PromoMy Dsmbr, BENELUX  
 My Dsmbr, Spain  
 United States, CD-R, Humble Brothers Remixes 1TR  
 United States, CD-R, Humble Brothers Remixes v1  
 United States, CD-R, Humble Brothers Remixes v2  

2003 Somewhere I Belong

total 16 items

CDMalaysia, 9362-42613-2  
 Mexico, 9362426132  
 Taiwan, 0093624261322  
PromoColombia, CD-R, 030218  
 Gemany, Vocal Hook CD-R  
 Indonesia, PRCD 01/03/2003/INT'L  
 Japan, Cassette  
 Japan, Snippets  
 United Kingdom, BBC Radio CD-R  
 United Kingdom, VHS  
 United States, Acetate CD x2 
 United States, CD-R, 4 - TRT 3:36  
 United States, CD-R, Snippet, 1  
 United States, W. O. # 139419  

2003 Faint

total 9 items

CD1Germany, 9362426322, Version 2  
CD2Germany, 9362426332  
 South Korea, 9362426332  
PromoJapan, PR04057, Promo Only Sticker  
 Sweden, PR04057, Promo Only Sticker  
 United Kingdom, VHS  
 United States, MiniDV  
 United States, Review DVD  
 United States, W. O. #143435  

2003 Numb

total 5 items

PromoIsrael, Promo Only Sticker, v1  
 Japan, PR04243, Promo Only Sticker  
 South Korea  
 United Kingdom, VHS  
 United States, W. O. #158187  

2004 From The Inside

total 3 items

 Japan, PR04355, Promo Only Sticker  
 United Kingdom, VHS  

2004 Breaking The Habit

total 4 items

PromoIsrael, Promo Only Sticker  
 Japan, Promo for WPBR-90382  
 United States, W/O#186131  
 Unknown Country  

2004 Numb/Encore

total 10 items

 European Union, PR015186  
 Israel, Promo Only Sticker  
 Japan, CD-R, 1  
 Sweden, WMSPROM5042  
 United Kingdom, VHS  
 United Kingdom, W660TX, 12"  
 United States, CD-R, Watermarked  
 United States, MiniDV  
AcetateUnited States, Acetate Record Press  

2004 Collision Course Misc

total 4 items

PromoDOYS/LFY / POA/99/OSC, United Kingdom, CD-R  
 Izzo/In The End, Australia, WCDB593  
 Points/99 Prob/OSC, United Kingdom, CD-R, White  

2007 What I've Done

total 8 items

CDTaiwan, 9362-49970-1  
PromoHong Kong  
 Israel, DVD-R, ID's  
 Mexico, 36541-01, Watermarked  
 Mexico, CD-R  
 United Kingdom, DVD-R  
 United States, 36371-13, Watermarked  
 United States, DVD-R  

2007 Bleed It Out

total 3 items

PromoEuropean Union, DVD-R, Clean  
 France, CD-R  
 Israel, PRO-CDR-102070, Promo Only Sticker  

2007 Shadow Of The Day

total 5 items

PromoEuropean Union, PR016469  
 France, CD-R  
 Hong Kong  
 Israel, PR016469, Promo Only Sticker  
 Japan, PR016469, Promo Only Sticker  

2008 Given Up

total 2 items

CDEuropean Union, 093624987642  
PromoEuropean Union, W/O#402762, Betacam  

2008 Leave Out All The Rest

total 6 items

CDUnited Kingdom, W806CD  
PromoAustralia, DVD-R  
 European Union, W/O#416493, Betacam  
 France, CD-R  
 Japan, Promo For WPCR-13283  
 Unknown Country  

2010 The Catalyst

total 8 items

CDJapan, 543919830-0, Sticker On Case  
PromoEuropean Union, EPK  
 France, CD-R  
 France, MoH Promo  
 Japan, CD-R, v1  
 Japan, CD-R, v2  
 Japan, DVD-R  

2010 Waiting For The End

total 2 items

PromoEuropean Union  
 Hong Kong, USWB11001851  

2011 Iridescent

total 6 items

PromoAustralia, CD-R  
 Hong Kong, USWB11001855  
 Japan, Sticker On Case  
 United Kindgom, DVD-R  
 United States, Clone CD  
 United States, DVD-R  

2010 A Thousand Suns Misc

total 2 items

PromoBlackout, United Kingdom  
 The Requiem/The Radiance (Acapella), United States  

2012 Burn It Down

total 3 items

 Israel, CD-R  
 Japan, WPCR-14496V  

2012 Lost In The Echo

total 1 items


2013 Castle Of Glass

total 1 items

PromoFrance, CD-R  

2012 Living Things Misc

total 2 items

PromoLIES GREED MISERY, United States, CD-R  
 POWERLESS, Japan, PCD-332  

2013 A Light That Never Comes

total 3 items

 Hong Kong, USWBV1300766  

2014 Guilty All The Same

total 1 items

PromoHong Kong  

2014 Until It's Gone

total 1 items

PromoHong Kong  

2014 Final Masquerade

total 2 items

PromoHong Kong, CD-R  
 United States, CD-R  

2017 Heavy

total 2 items

PromoEuropean Union  
 United Kingdom, Cardsleeve  

2017 One More Light Misc

total 2 items

PromoGood Goodbye, Finland  
 Sorry For Now, European Union  

2002 It's Goin' Down

total 5 items

VinylUnited Kingdom, 672564 6, 12"  
PromoAustralia, 1  
 Australia, 2  
 United Kingdom, X-Ecutioners 7 Track Sampler  

2008 We Made It

total 3 items

CDGermany, 5439-19931-7  
PromoJapan, CD-R  
 United States, 45351-01, Watermarked CD-R  

2009 New Divide

total 2 items

PromoHong Kong, CD-R  
 Unknown Country, DVD-R  
LPU 6LPU 6 Tour Edition  
LPU 8LPU8 Platinum Plaque  
LPU 9LPU 9: Demos, Japan, Promo Stamp  

LPU Auctions

total 8 items

LPU Summit Auction: ChicagoHybrid Theory Plaque  
LPUX Auction 1Lot #03: NYC MSG 2008 World Tour Laminate  
 Lot #05: Live In Texas Canadian Plaque  
 Lot #07: Rob Bourdon Drumsticks  
LPU11 Auction #2Lot #1 Signed Meteora Plaque  
LPU11 Auction #3Lot #1 Signed & Framed LPU 9 Vinyl Master Test Press  
 Lot #3 Signed XERO Cassette Insert  
LPU11 Auction #4Lot #2 Chester's LP 2008 World Tour Pass  

Previous Bands

total 10 items

Linkin Park Concert Items

total 10 items

DSPDigital Souvenir Package 2007: Projekt Revolution  
 Digital Souvenir Package 2008 v2  
 Digital Souvenir Package 2008: Projekt Revolution  
 Digital Souvenir Package North American Tour  
ProgramA Thousand Suns World Tour 2010-2011 Program  
 Projekt Revolution 2004 Program (1)  
MiscLP Performance In London, WO42069  
 Mister Hahn Fucks Up Meteora Style, United States, DJ Sample Record  
 Summer Sanitarium MTV News Piece VHS  
 WHFS Concert USA Internal Review CD-R  


total 7 items

Premiere Radio NetworksShow #04-08  
RocklineRockline Week of Dec.10, 2001  
Sound Source NetworksLinkin Park: One Step Closer  
United StationsHarddrive, Week #01-21  
 Harddrive, Week #04-28  
Westwood OneAbsolutely Live High Voltage, show #02-16  
 Absolutely Live High Voltage, show #07-01  

Linkin Park Misc

total 2 items

PromoLinkin Park Compilation  
 LPTV Rough Cuts Promo Episodes 9-13  

Fort Minor

total 25 items

Dead By Sunrise

total 15 items

Grey Daze

total 3 items


total 15 items


total 2 items


total 4 items

Other itemsWarner Brothers Instrumentals, March 2008  
 Kerrang! Recharged (2002, UK)  
 Supercharged (2002, UK)  

Family Values Tour 2001

total 1 items

CDUnited States, 62762-2  

Mike Shinoda

total 16 items