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2000 Hybrid Theory

total 40 items

CDBrazil, 936247755-2  
 Colombia, 9 47755-2  
 Indonesia, 9 47755-2  
 Japan, WPCR-22110, Reissue  
 Mexico, 477552 2  
 Philippines, 9 47755-2  
 Singapore, 9 47755-2  
 Taiwan, 4711169003196  
 Thailand, 9 477552-2  
Special EditionChina, JH-1463, Cassette  
 Hong Kong, 9 48267-2  
 India, 9 48267-2  
 Malaysia, 9 48267-4, Cassette  
 Philippines, 9 48267-2  
 South Korea, 9 48267-2  
 Taiwan, 9362-48267-2  
 Taiwan, 9362-48267-2, Reissue  
 Thailand, 48267-4, Cassette  
 Thailand, 9 48267-2  
CassetteBulgaria, 9362-47755-4  
 Canada, 24 77554  
 Russia, 9362-47765-4  
 South Korea, 9 47755-4  
PromoColombia, CD 598675-9  
 France, 3 Track CD-R  
 Hybrid Theory Promo Skate Decks  
 Hybrid Theory Promo Skate Decks 2015  
 Japan, Promo for WPCR-10877 (Japanese Text)  
 Thailand, Special Edition, Promo Only Stamp  
 United Kingdom, Promo Only Sticker  
 United States, Album, Hybrid Theory Promo  
 United States, Clone CD, 2000-07-18  
 United States, Clone CD, 2000-09-11  
 United States, D138183, BMG Issue  
 United States, Unmastered Studio Finals  
 United States, WO36340, 3/4 Mastering Tape  
 United States, WO37742, VHS  
 With You / POA Sampler Tapewww.linkinpark.com  
AwardRIAA Platinum Award  
 WEA Brazil 200k Sales Award  

2001 Frat Party

total 10 items

DVDJapan, WPBR-90057  
 Japan, WPBR-90127  
 Japan, WPBR-90780  
 Mexico, 75993855425  
VCDPhilippines, 7599-38554-5  
 Singapore, 7599-38554-5  
 Taiwan, 7599385545  
VHSCanada, 38554-3  
 United States, 3-38554  
PromoThailand, Promo Only Stamp   

2002 Reanimation

total 24 items

CDBrazil, 936248326-2, Jewel Case  
 Canada, CDW 48326, Digipack  
 Germany, 9362-48326-2, Jewel CasePoland  
 Indonesia, 9 48326-2, Digipack  
 Japan, WPCR-22003, Reissue  
 Mexico, 48326-2, Digipack  
 Singapore, 9 48326-2, Digipack  
 South Korea, 9 48326-2, Digipack  
 South Korea, 9 48326-2, Digipack, 2  
 Taiwan, 9362-48326-2, Jewel Case  
 Thailand, 9 48326-2, Digipack  
DVD AudioJapan, WPAR-10038  
 Taiwan, 9362-48326-9  
VinylUnited Kingdom, 9362-48326-1  
CassetteIndia, TC 90120  
 Philippines, 9 48326-4  
 Russia, 9362 48326-4  
 Ukraine, 9362 48326-4/248326-4  
PromoAustralia, CD-R  
 Japan, Cassette  
 Thailand, Promo Only Stamp, Digipack  
 United Kingdom, VHS  
 United States, DVD-A Test Press  
 United States, Watermarked 3tr CD-R  

2003 Meteora

total 31 items

CDBrazil, 936248462-2, Digipack  
 Germany, 9362 48443 2, Digipack  
 Indonesia, 48462-2, Digipack  
 Malaysia, 48462-2  
 Mexico, 484622 2, Digipack  
 Philippines, 48462-2, Digipack  
 Russia, 4607173153890  
Special EditionCanada, CDW 48463  
 Hong Kong, 9362-48463-2  
 Mexico, 484632-1  
 Philippines, 9362 48475-2  
 Taiwan, 9362 48475-2  
 United Kingdom, 9362 48461 2  
Tour EditionHong Kong, 9362 48842-2  
 India, 9362 48842-2  
 Malaysia, 93624 88422 4  
 Philippines, 9362 48842-2  
 South Korea, 9362488422, Digipack  
 Taiwan, 0093624884224  
VinylEuropean Union, 557761-1, Reissue  
CassetteRomania, 9362-48186-4  
 Russia, 48186-4  
 Thailand, 48186-4  
PromoArgentina, Promo Only Stamp  
 Japan, Promo For WPCR-11440  
 Japan, Promo for WPCR-11524  
 South Korea, Info Sticker On Case  
 South Korea, CD/DVD Info Sticker On Case  
 Thailand, Tour Edition, Promo Only Stamp  
 United States, Clone CD, Blue-Green  
 United States, Clone CD, White  

2003 Live In Texas

total 10 items

CD+DVDArgentina, 9362-48563-2, Digipack  
 Brazil, 936248628-2, Jewel Case  
 Canada, CDW 48563, Digipack  
 Germany, 9362 48638 2, Digipack  
 Germany, 9362-48563-2, Digipack  
DVD+CDRussia, 4690355000112, Amaray  
 United States, 38599-2, Amaray  
PromoFaint / Numb, United States, Clone CD  
 Hong Kong, Promo Only Stamp  
 United Kingdom, Watermarked Promo #27506  

2004 Collision Course

total 19 items

CD+DVDBrazil, 9362489632  
 Germany, 9362-48964-2, Digipack  
 Mexico, 48970-2, Digipack  
 Singapore, 48962-2, Digipack  
 Taiwan, 9362 48986 2  
 Thailand, 9362 48986 2, Digipack  
DVD+CDArgentina, 7599-38629-2 , Amaray  
 Australia, 7599386282, Amaray  
 Malaysia, 7599386282L, Amaray  
 Russia, 4690355000082  
VinylEuropean Union, 9362-48962-1  
 United States, 541578-1, Transparent Blue, RSD Reissue  
CassetteRomania, 9362-48962-4  
 United States, W-5542  
PromoAustralia, WCDB572  
 Japan, Promo For WPZR-30073/4  
 Thailand, Promo Only Stamp  
 United States, DVD-R  

2007 Minutes To Midnight

total 27 items

CDBrazil, 9362444772, Digipack  
 India, 123004-2  
 Indonesia, 123004-2  
 Japan, WPCR-78141, Reissue  
 Malaysia, 936249983-3, Digipack  
 Mexico, 44477-2, Digipack  
 Philippines, 44477-2, Digipack  
 Philippines, 44477-2, Jewel Case  
 United States, 123004-2, Jewel, Clean  
 United States, 44477-2, Digipack  
 Venezuela, 44477-2  
Special EditionCanada, 100719-2, Recalled  
 United States, 141372-2, Grey, Clean  
 United States, 170940-2, Black, Reissue  
 United States, 182716-2, Grey, Wal-Mart Exclusive, Clean  
Tour EditionIndonesia, 363132-2  
 Japan, Promo CD-R  
 Malaysia, 9362499019  
 Singapore, 363132-2  
 Thailand, 363132-2  
PromoGreece, DVD-R  
 Japan, DVD-R  
 Japan, Promo For WPCR-12610  
 Japan, Promo For WPCR-12808, Tour Edition  
 Taiwan, Tour Edition, Promo Only Stamp  
 Thailand, Promo Only Stamp, Jewel Case  
 Thailand, Tour Edition, Promo Only Stamp  

2008 Road To Revolution

total 16 items

CD+DVDBrazil, 9362498095  
 Colombia, 516749-2, Digipack  
 Indonesia, 516749-2  
 Japan, WPZR-30320-1, Digipack  
 Philippines, 516748-2  
 South Korea, WKPD-0008, Digipack  
 Taiwan, DVD+CD  
 Thailand, 516749-2  
Blu-rayBrazil, 0-7599-39993-58  
 Russia, 4690355001539  
PromoArgentina, Promo Only Stamp  
 European Union, W/O#442905, Betacam  
 Hong Kong, LOATR Promo  
 United Kingdom, DVD-R  
 Work In Progress (With Jay-Z)  
 Work In Progress (Without Jay-Z)  

2008 Songs From The Underground

total 6 items

CDChina, 2307659  
 Hong Kong, 516691-2  
 Philippines, 516691-2  
 Singapore, 516691-2  
 Thailand, 9362-49810-3  
Promo Japan, Promo for WPCR-13468 (Japanese Text)  

2010 A Thousand Suns

total 22 items

CDColombia, 525581-2  
 European Union, 9362-49628-4  
 India, 525375-2  
 Indonesia, 525581-2  
 Mexico, 525375-2  
 Philippines, 525581-2  
 Russia, 2-544942, Reissue  
CD+DVDCanada, 2-525463  
 Taiwan, 9362-49631-7  
+Colombia, 527130-2  
 Philippines, 527130-2  
 Thailand, 527130-2  
PromoArgentina, Promo Only Stamp  
 Italy, CD/DVD, Promo Only Sticker  
 Japan, Promo For WPZR-30375/6  
 Taiwan, +, Promo Only Stamp  
 Thailand, Promo Only Stamp  
 United Kingdom, +, Promo  
 United States, DVD-R, 16:9  
 United States, DVD-R, 4:3  
 United States, Info Sticker On Case  
 United States, Instrumentals  

2012 Living Things

total 10 items

CDChile, 2-531345  
 India, 531345-2  
 New Zealand, 9362495048  
 Thailand, 2-531345  
PromoAustralia, Tour Edition Promo  
 Japan, Promo For WPCR-14496  
 Thailand, Promo Only Stamp  
 United Kingdom, Promo Only Stamp  
 United States, Share To Earn CD-R  
 United States, Test Press Record  

2013 Recharged

total 11 items

CDChile, 2-536922  
 Colombia, 536922-2  
 Mexico, 536922-2  
 Philippines, 2-539622  
 Thailand, 2-536922  
Deluxe EditionUnited States, 536490-2  
PromoJapan, Promo DVD  
 Recharge Rubble Pack, United States  
 Taiwan, Promo Only Stamp  
 United States, W11155-14, Watermarked Promo  
 United States, W12324-20, Watermarked Promo  

2014 The Hunting Party

total 10 items

CDBrazil, 0093624937593  
 India, 093624937593  
 Mexico, 543028-2  
 United States, 543028-2  
CD+DVDJapan, WPZR-30613/4  
 Taiwan, 9362-49369-8  
PromoJapan, DVD Promo  
 Japan, Promo For WPZR-30613/4  
 Thailand, CD+DVD Promo  
 United States, W15030-21, Watermarked Promo  

2017 One More Light

total 4 items

CDArgentina, 559687-2  
 Thailand, 559687-2  
PromoArgentina, Promo Only Stamp  
 Thailand, Promo Only Stamp  

Linkin Park Singles

total 172 items

2000 One Step Closer

total 6 items

PromoFrance, CD-R  
 United Kingdom, VHS v2  
 United States, Multitracks  
 United States, PRO-CD-100323, CD-R  
 United States, VHS, WO34450  
 United States, VHS, WO35206  

2001 Crawling

total 9 items

CDAustralia, 9362449952  
PromoBrazil, CDWP071, Blitz Cidade  
 Brazil, CDWP072, Agente 103  
 Japan, Promo for WPBR-90029  
 Japan, WPBR-90029, Test DVD  
 United Kingdom, W556C, DAT Tape  
 United States, VHS, 04/09/2001  
 United States, VHS, 04/10/2001  
 United States, VHS, 04/18/2001  

2001 Papercut

total 4 items

PromoGreece, Promo Only Sticker  
 United Kingdom, CD-R, 3 Tracks  
 United Kingdom, VHS, 1  
 United Kingdom, VHS, 3  

2001 In The End

total 2 items

PromoGermany, PR02753  
 Israel, PR02753  

2001 Hybrid Theory Misc

total 5 items

PromoBy Myself, United States, Multitracks, Clone CD  
 My December, United States, CD-R  
 Points Of Authority, United Kingdom, VHS  
 Points of Authority, United States, WO#246287, VHS  
 Runaway, United States, Multitracks, CD-R  

2002 Pts.Of.Athrty + H! Vltg3

total 9 items

PromoPts.Of.Athrty, BENELUX  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, Japan, PRO-CDR-100942  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, Taiwan, VCD  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, United Kingdom  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, United Kingdom, DVD-R  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, United Kingdom, VHS  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, US, Review DVD  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, US, W.O. #118881  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, WO#246338, VHS  

2002 Reanimation Misc

total 5 items

PromoMy Dsmbr, BENELUX  
 My Dsmbr, Spain  
 United States, CD-R, Humble Brothers Remixes 1TR  
 United States, CD-R, Humble Brothers Remixes v1  
 United States, CD-R, Humble Brothers Remixes v2  

2003 Somewhere I Belong

total 16 items

CDMalaysia, 9362-42613-2  
 Mexico, 9362426132  
 Taiwan, 0093624261322  
PromoColombia, CD-R, 030218  
 Gemany, Vocal Hook CD-R  
 Indonesia, PRCD 01/03/2003/INT'L  
 Japan, Cassette  
 Japan, Snippets  
 United Kingdom, BBC Radio CD-R  
 United Kingdom, VHS  
 United States, Acetate CD x2 
 United States, CD-R, 4 - TRT 3:36  
 United States, CD-R, Snippet, 1  
 United States, W. O. # 139419  

2003 Faint

total 9 items

CD1Germany, 9362426322, Version 2  
CD2Germany, 9362426332  
 South Korea, 9362426332  
PromoJapan, PR04057, Promo Only Sticker  
 Sweden, PR04057, Promo Only Sticker  
 United Kingdom, VHS  
 United States, MiniDV  
 United States, Review DVD  
 United States, W. O. #143435  

2003 Numb

total 5 items

CD2Germany, W622CD2  
PromoIsrael, Promo Only Sticker, v1  
 Japan, PR04243, Promo Only Sticker  
 South Korea  
 United Kingdom, VHS  

2004 From The Inside

total 3 items

 Japan, PR04355, Promo Only Sticker  
 United Kingdom, VHS  

2004 Breaking The Habit

total 4 items

PromoIsrael, Promo Only Sticker  
 Japan, Promo for WPBR-90382  
 United States, W/O#186131  
 Unknown Country  

2004 Numb/Encore

total 10 items

 European Union, PR015186  
 Israel, Promo Only Sticker  
 Japan, CD-R, 1  
 Sweden, WMSPROM5042  
 United Kingdom, VHS  
 United Kingdom, W660TX, 12"  
 United States, CD-R, Watermarked  
 United States, MiniDV  
AcetateUnited States, Acetate Record Press  

2004 Collision Course Misc

total 4 items

PromoDOYS/LFY / POA/99/OSC, United Kingdom, CD-R  
 Izzo/In The End, Australia, WCDB593  
 Points/99 Prob/OSC, United Kingdom, CD-R, White  

2007 What I've Done

total 8 items

CDTaiwan, 9362-49970-1  
PromoHong Kong  
 Israel, DVD-R, ID's  
 Mexico, 36541-01, Watermarked  
 Mexico, CD-R  
 United Kingdom, DVD-R  
 United States, 36371-13, Watermarked  
 United States, DVD-R  

2007 Bleed It Out

total 3 items

PromoEuropean Union, DVD-R, Clean  
 France, CD-R  
 Israel, PRO-CDR-102070, Promo Only Sticker  

2007 Shadow Of The Day

total 5 items

PromoEuropean Union, PR016469  
 France, CD-R  
 Hong Kong  
 Israel, PR016469, Promo Only Sticker  
 Japan, PR016469, Promo Only Sticker  

2008 Given Up

total 3 items

CDEuropean Union, 093624987642  
 European Union, W/O#402762, Betacam  

2008 Leave Out All The Rest

total 6 items

CDUnited Kingdom, W806CD  
PromoAustralia, DVD-R  
 European Union, W/O#416493, Betacam  
 France, CD-R  
 Japan, Promo For WPCR-13283  
 Unknown Country  

2010 The Catalyst

total 8 items

CDJapan, 543919830-0, Sticker On Case  
PromoEuropean Union, EPK  
 France, CD-R  
 France, MoH Promo  
 Japan, CD-R, v1  
 Japan, CD-R, v2  
 Japan, DVD-R  

2010 Waiting For The End

total 2 items

PromoEuropean Union  
 Hong Kong, USWB11001851  

2011 Iridescent

total 6 items

PromoAustralia, CD-R  
 Hong Kong, USWB11001855  
 Japan, Sticker On Case  
 United Kindgom, DVD-R  
 United States, Clone CD  
 United States, DVD-R  

2010 A Thousand Suns Misc

total 3 items

PromoBlackout (RAC Mix), United States  
 Blackout, United Kingdom  
 The Requiem/The Radiance (Acapella), United States  

2012 Burn It Down

total 3 items

 Israel, CD-R  
 Japan, WPCR-14496V  

2012 Lost In The Echo

total 2 items

PromoHong Kong, USWB11200791  

2013 Castle Of Glass

total 2 items

PromoFrance, CD-R  
 Hong Kong, CD-R  

2012 Living Things Misc

total 3 items

PromoI'LL BE GONE, Hong Kong, CD-R  
 LIES GREED MISERY, United States, CD-R  
 POWERLESS, Japan, PCD-332  

2013 A Light That Never Comes

total 3 items

 Hong Kong, USWBV1300766  

2014 Guilty All The Same

total 1 items

PromoHong Kong  

2014 Until It's Gone

total 1 items

PromoHong Kong  

2014 Final Masquerade

total 2 items

PromoHong Kong, CD-R  
 United States, CD-R  

2017 Heavy

total 2 items

PromoEuropean Union  
 United Kingdom, Cardsleeve  

2017 One More Light Misc

total 2 items

PromoGood Goodbye, Finland  
 Sorry For Now, European Union  

2002 It's Goin' Down

total 5 items

VinylUnited Kingdom, 672564 6, 12"  
PromoAustralia, 1  
 Australia, 2  
 United Kingdom, X-Ecutioners 7 Track Sampler  

2008 We Made It

total 3 items

CDGermany, 5439-19931-7  
PromoJapan, CD-R  
 United States, 45351-01, Watermarked CD-R  

2009 New Divide

total 8 items

PromoEuropean Union, DVD  
 European Union, Making Of DVD Promo  
 European Union, Non-movie Footage Version DVD  
 Hong Kong, CD-R  
 United States, Clone CD  
 United States, DVD-R  
 United States, US-WBV-09-00205  
 Unknown Country, DVD-R  
LPU 6LPU 6 Tour Edition  
LPU 8LPU8 Platinum Plaque  
LPU 9LPU 9: Demos, Japan, Promo Stamp  

LPU Auctions

total 8 items

LPU Summit Auction: ChicagoHybrid Theory Plaque  
LPUX Auction 1Lot #03: NYC MSG 2008 World Tour Laminate  
 Lot #05: Live In Texas Canadian Plaque  
 Lot #07: Rob Bourdon Drumsticks  
LPU11 Auction #2Lot #1 Signed Meteora Plaque  
LPU11 Auction #3Lot #1 Signed & Framed LPU 9 Vinyl Master Test Press  
 Lot #3 Signed XERO Cassette Insert  
LPU11 Auction #4Lot #2 Chester's LP 2008 World Tour Pass  

Previous Bands

total 10 items

Linkin Park Concert Items

total 9 items

DSPDigital Souvenir Package 2007: Projekt Revolution  
 Digital Souvenir Package 2008 v2  
 Digital Souvenir Package 2008: Projekt Revolution  
 Digital Souvenir Package North American Tour  
ProgramA Thousand Suns World Tour 2010-2011 Program  
MiscLP Performance In London, WO42069  
 Mister Hahn Fucks Up Meteora Style, United States, DJ Sample Record  
 Summer Sanitarium MTV News Piece VHS  
 WHFS Concert USA Internal Review CD-R  


total 7 items

Premiere Radio NetworksShow #04-08  
RocklineRockline Week of Dec.10, 2001  
Sound Source NetworksLinkin Park: One Step Closer  
United StationsHarddrive, Week #01-21  
 Harddrive, Week #04-28  
Westwood OneAbsolutely Live High Voltage, show #02-16  
 Absolutely Live High Voltage, show #07-01  

Linkin Park Misc

total 3 items

Other itemsLinkin Park Soundwave Transformer  
PromoLinkin Park Compilation  
 LPTV Rough Cuts Promo Episodes 9-13  

Fort Minor

total 25 items

Dead By Sunrise

total 15 items

Grey Daze

total 3 items


total 16 items


total 2 items


total 4 items

Other itemsWarner Brothers Instrumentals, March 2008  
 Kerrang! Recharged (2002, UK)  
 Supercharged (2002, UK)  

Family Values Tour 2001

total 1 items

CDUnited States, 62762-2  

Mike Shinoda

total 16 items