Hybrid Theory, Meteora & Minutes To Midnight One Step Vinyls


Get ready for yet another release (this is becoming ridiculous haha). Read below:

Store email info: "LINKIN PARK's first three studio albums will be released as One-Step vinyl records on August 9. As a valued customer of the LINKIN PARK STORE who has previously purchased vinyl records, we wanted to give you early access to this pre-order 24 hours before we launch.

One-Step vinyl is the ultimate vinyl pressing. The process creates the definitive sounding audiophile version of an album. Each limited to 3,000 copies, Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes To Midnight will each be housed inside a top quality, foil-stamped, uniquely designed slipcase. The enclosed gatefold single LP will feature an “Old Style” tip-on jacket with original artwork and have printed details regarding the entire One-Step process.

Special care has been taken to faithfully preserve the original sound with exceptional clarity and depth, capturing the recording's nuances and subtleties at every step to create the best sounding record possible."

BSM One-Step Details:

Audio Source: 192/24 files From Original Master Tapes
Vinyl Compound: Neotech VR900-D2 180g High-Definition Vinyl
Vinyl Mastering: Levi Seitz at Blackbelt Studios
One-Step Process: Dorin Sauerbier at RecordTechnology, Inc.
Pressing: Record Technology, Inc.
Packaging & Print: Stoughton Printing Company

Hybrid Theory $99,98

"Notes For This Format Release:
Hybrid Theory was recorded in the digital domain, it was then mixed through an analog electronic chain onto tape. Those original master tapes were then carefully transferred to 192/24 wav files that ended up being our audio source for the One-Step pressing.

We used Neotech VR900-D2 180g vinyl compound, which is also known as Super Vinyl or Clarity Vinyl – the best in the world.

Levi Seitz at Blackbelt Mastering (Metallica, Pearl Jam, Beyonce etc) cut the multiple sets of lacquers required – crucially all from the same lot of lacquers. Being a massive Linkin Park fan himself, Levi already knew every little sound on this iconic album.

Dorin Sauerbier at Record Technology, Inc has been plating records for decades and is considered the best in the world – he also has done more One-Step processing than anybody. This is a vital step in the process to ultimately delivering the absolute best sounding version of Hybrid Theory ever.

Record Technology, Inc did the pressing, using the exact machine used for so many Mobile Fidelity One-Step releases.

Our slipcases, “Old Style” tip on original art jackets, and inserts were printed by world renowned Stoughton Printing Company."

Meteora $99,98

"Meteora was recorded in the digital domain, it was then mixed through an analog electronic chain onto tape. Those original master tapes were then carefully transferred to 192/24 wav files that ended up being our audio source for the One-Step pressing."

Minutes To Midnight $99,98

"Minutes To Midnight was recorded and mixed in the digital domain at 96/24. Those flat master files are the audio source for the One-Step pressing. It was recorded at The Mansion in Laurel Canyon, produced by Rick Rubin and Mike Shinoda and mixed by Neal Avron – all legends at their craft. But the secret sauce of why this One-Step sounds so incredible were the engineers capturing the music. Andrew Scheps, Ethan Mates, Dana Nielsen and Protools engineer Erich Talaba showed up at work every day delivering career defining results."

Release date: August 9, 2024

Purchase HERE (available tomorrow).

Papercuts Spotify Releases Info


Just a quick info! We have changed current USA release to -> EU. Please edit your collections because there are two versions of the release.




More vinyls! Hybrid Theory, Meteora and The Hunting Party.


As if Papercuts had not enough vinyl versions/colors we are getting more releases of the following:

Hybrid Theory Translucent Yellow Vinyl #093624843559 Source $42

Hybrid Theory Translucent Yellow Vinyl BestBuy Exclusive #093624844037 Source $26,99

Meteora Translucent Gold/Red Splatter Vinyl #093624844051 Source $46

The Hunting Party Translucent Blue Double Vinyl #093624844075 Source $58

All vinyls released on July 26, 2024.


LPCatalog Discord server!


After a very long consideration we have created a LPCatalog Discord server. A place to talk about and share your collections, get live updates on the site and most important feature: to ask questions about item legitimacy.


Hopefully we can get this community live :)


Friendly Fire/QWERTY 10" Limited Vinyls


So, about two weeks ago Friendly Fire 10" Glass Clear Vinyl, LPU Exclusive was announced, sold out within these past two weeks.

Today another 10" has been announced - Yellow Transparent, Discord Exclusive. To get the link you need to go to the band's discord server and l
ook for the “discord-exclusives” channel to unlock - discord.gg/linkinpark. However to unlock the link, you need to provide your info (such as email, country and phone number), Watch Linkin Park videos on YouTube, and save Papercuts to your streaming platform's library (Choose Spotify, Apple, or Amazon). A lot to do for a link. Anyway, both are already added to our catalog:


United States, 054391275127, 10" Glass Clear Vinyl, LPU Exclusive Limited to 1,000


United States, 054391280763, 10" Yellow Transparent, Discord Exclusive Limited to 2,000