Papercuts Spotify Releases Info


Just a quick info! We have changed current USA release to -> EU. Please edit your collections because there are two versions of the release.




More vinyls! Hybrid Theory, Meteora and The Hunting Party.


As if Papercuts had not enough vinyl versions/colors we are getting more releases of the following:

Hybrid Theory Translucent Yellow Vinyl #093624843559 Source $42

Hybrid Theory Translucent Yellow Vinyl BestBuy Exclusive #093624844037 Source $26,99

Meteora Translucent Gold/Red Splatter Vinyl #093624844051 Source $46

The Hunting Party Translucent Blue Double Vinyl #093624844075 Source $58

All vinyls released on July 26, 2024.


LPCatalog Discord server!


After a very long consideration we have created a LPCatalog Discord server. A place to talk about and share your collections, get live updates on the site and most important feature: to ask questions about item legitimacy.


Hopefully we can get this community live :)


Friendly Fire/QWERTY 10" Limited Vinyls


So, about two weeks ago Friendly Fire 10" Glass Clear Vinyl, LPU Exclusive was announced, sold out within these past two weeks.

Today another 10" has been announced - Yellow Transparent, Discord Exclusive. To get the link you need to go to the band's discord server and l
ook for the “discord-exclusives” channel to unlock - discord.gg/linkinpark. However to unlock the link, you need to provide your info (such as email, country and phone number), Watch Linkin Park videos on YouTube, and save Papercuts to your streaming platform's library (Choose Spotify, Apple, or Amazon). A lot to do for a link. Anyway, both are already added to our catalog:


United States, 054391275127, 10" Glass Clear Vinyl, LPU Exclusive Limited to 1,000


United States, 054391280763, 10" Yellow Transparent, Discord Exclusive Limited to 2,000


Post Traumatic 3 Vinyl Reissues


Well, more vinyls. YAY? This is slowly getting out of hand, like we used to be happy to promote new releases, from time to time that is. We still are BUT there are many people saying this is really starting to look like a typical ca$hgrab.

What is the point of releasing Post Traumatic on vinyl, when we had one regular and one limited edition back in 2018? That's just 6 years ago! Dead By Sunrise - Out Of Ashes was released in 2009 in very small numbers, thus today it's impossible to get ahold of the original release. However, it has been repressed for Record Store Day this year and I have to mention this - 15 years after the original release! That's understandable. See the difference?

Is it the hype for Zoetropes (some say it's cool, some say different, who am I to argue?) and colored re-re-re-releases of the same thing (with a twist, add one or two additional songs and it's done, new release! Wooo). Let's drain fanbase pockets while we can. This is not what Linkin Park/Mike Shinoda Warner* was in the first place. Back in the day the label didn't release tons of vinyls to make a buck. CD, Special Edition/2CD, Vinyl. One of each. That was all. Of course not to mention apparel and other small merch items etc. but that's not the case here. Today? Totally the opposite and seems that with the bands approval. Sad to see, but I kinda get it.

Is the demand there? I don't think so. More like the need to live with the nostalgia, memories..call it as you like. There's no Linkin Park around to tour (yet) and they have released something new.  I'll get it just to have it, re-live what supposed te be a lifestyle: buy a new album, listen to it non-stop, day-by-day, prepare for an upcoming tour and have fun with friends from other countries on couple of gigs you've just purchased tickets for. That was a fan's cycle throughout the years and it kinda ended in 2017.

It may sound weird from someone who runs the largest Linkin Park discography on the web, but in this moment it feels bittersweet. Of course it's great to get something new released but if you look from a different perspective, dude! it's May and I have already spent more money than I did during 3 album cycles circa 2012-2017. This has to stop!

From my point of view, it would be better to spend some time on a project, work with the fanbase and release something really cool. We don't need 10 different vinyl colors...or maybe it's not about the fans and more about the money? I don't know, but I think I know where this is going 8)
* after some consideration I don't believe all of the new releases is the band talking, more likely it's the label's idea.

Anyway, go get more stuff, IT'S LIMITED!!!

Post Traumatic Standard Black Vinyl 2LP  $34,98 EAN: 0093624851653 #093624851653

Post Traumatic Limited Edition Zoetrope Vinyl 2LP $54,98 EAN: 0093624851660 #093624851660

Post Traumatic Limited Edition Orange Crush Vinyl 2LP $34,98 EAN: 0093624850700 #093624850700