Mike’s Doubles

Total items: 73

Different items: 56

2000 Hybrid TheoryCDGermany, 9362-47755-2 x4 
 PromoUnited States, PRO-C-100344, Cassette  
2001 Frat PartyDVDGermany, 7599 38554-2  
2003 MeteoraCDGermany, 9362 48443 2, Digipack  
  Germany, 9362-48444-2, Jewel Case  
2003 Live In TexasCD+DVDEuropean Union, 9362-48628-2, Jewel Case  
  Germany, 9362 48638 2, Digipack  
2004 Collision CourseCD+DVDEuropean Union, 9362-48966-2, Jewel CaseGermany, France x3 
  Germany, 9362-48964-2, Digipack  
2007 Minutes To MidnightCDCanada, CDW 44477, Digipack  
  Indonesia, 9362-49983-3 4, Digipack, Clean  
 PromoUnited States, 100719-2, Promo DVD  
2008 Road To RevolutionVinylCzech Republic, 517008-1  
2010 A Thousand SunsCDGermany, 9362-49631-1, HMV Exclusive  
  United States, 525581-2, Clean  
2012 Living ThingsCDGermany, 9362-49504-8 x2 
2014 The Hunting PartyCDIndonesia, 543028-2  
2017 One More Light LiveVinylEuropean Union, 9362-49073-7, Gold-Black Vinyl, RSD 2018  

Linkin Park Singles

2000 One Step CloserCDGermany, W550CD  
  United Kingdom, W550CDCD ONLY  
 PromoUnited States, PRO-CD-100344, 3 Song EP  
2001 CrawlingCDGermany, W556CD  
  United Kingdom, W556CD  
   CD ONLY  
 DVDUnited Kingdom, W556DVD  
 CassetteUnited Kingdom, W556C, BlackTape Only  
2001 PapercutCDUnited Kingdom, W562CDCD ONLY  
2001 In The EndCD1United Kingdom, W569CDX x3 
 CD2Germany, W569CD  
   CD ONLY  
 DVDGermany, W569DVD, Digipack x3 
2001 Hybrid Theory MiscPromoPoints of Authority, Germany, PR02932  
2002 Pts.Of.Athrty + H! Vltg3CDPts.Of.Athrty + H! Vltg3, UK, W588CDCD ONLY  
2003 Somewhere I BelongCDUnited Kingdom, W602CD  
   CD ONLY  
2003 FaintCD1United Kingdom, W610CD1CD ONLY  
2003 NumbCD1United Kingdom, W622CD1  
   CD ONLY  
 CD2United Kingdom, W622CD2  
2004 From The InsideCDGermany, 5439 16531-2, Cardsleeve  
 PromoGermany, PR04355CD ONLY  
2004 Breaking The HabitCDUnited Kingdom, W645CD  
 PromoUnited Kingdom, PR04841  
2004 Numb/EncoreCDUnited Kingdom, 5439 16123-2  
   CD ONLY  
  United Kingdom, 5439 16123-2, NUNB Typo x2 
 PromoEuropean Union, PR015186 x2 
2007 What I've DoneCDUnited Kingdom, W762CD1CD ONLY  
2007 Bleed It OutPromoEuropean Union, PR016406CD ONLY  
2007 Shadow Of The DayPromoUnited Kingdom, PR016469CD ONLY  
2008 Given UpCDUnited Kingdom, W799CDCD ONLY  
2008 Leave Out All The RestPromoUnited Kingdom, PR017165CD ONLY  
2012 Burn It DownCDEuropean Union, 9362495050Sealed  
 PromoUnited Kingdom, Cardsleeve  
LPU 8LPU 8 CDSealed   LPU XLPU X: Demos CDSealed   LPU 11LPU Eleven CDSealed  

Fort Minor

The Rising TiedCassetteIndonesia, 9362-49406-4, Clean  
Where'd You GoCDEuropean Union, 5439-15814-2, Cardsleeve  

Grey Daze

What's In The Eye

What's In The EyeCDUnited States, LVR01014  


Kick The Bass

Kick The BassPromoGermany, Tief080