StaticXero’s Doubles

Total items: 115

Different items: 102

Hybrid TheoryCDAustralia, 9362477552  
  Germany, 9362-47755-2  
   UK (only cover + cd)  
  Germany, 9362-47755-2, 2001 Reissue  
 VinylCanada, 1-536985, 2013 Reissue  
 CassetteThailand, 47755-4  
 PromoGermany, Sampler Cassette  
One Step CloserCDAustralia, 9362449632  
 PromoUnited States, PRO-CD-100323  
CrawlingPromoGermany, PR02415 x2 
PapercutPromoAustralia, LIPA1  
In The EndPromoDenmark, Promo Sticker on Case  
  Germany, PR02753only cd  
  United States, PRO-CD-100687  

Frat Party

Frat PartyVCDThailand, 7599-38554-5  
 VHSGermany, 7599 38554-9  
ReanimationCDGermany, 9362-48326-2, Jewel Case  
 DVD AudioGermany, 9362-48326-9  
 CassetteThailand, 9 48326-4  
Pts.Of.Athrty + H! Vltg3CDPts.Of.Athrty + H! Vltg3, UK, W588CD  
 PromoH! Vltg3, US, PRO-(A/B)-100918, 12"  
  Pts.Of.Athrty, EU, PR 03366 x2 
   only cover  


MeteoraTour EditionThailand, 48843-4, Cassette  
Somewhere I BelongCDGermany, 5439 16664-2, Cardsleeve x2 
  Germany, 9362 42613-2 x2 
  United Kingdom, W602CD  
 PromoSouth Korea  
FaintCD1Australia, 9362426322  
 CD2Australia, 9362426332  
 PromoGermany, PR04057  
NumbCD1Australia, 9362426742  
 PromoGermany, PR04243  
Breaking The HabitDVDEuropean Union, 7599-38614-2 x2 

Live In Texas

Live In TexasCD+DVDUnited States, 2-48563, Digipackonly DVD  
 DVD+CDAustralia, 7599385992, Amaray  
 CassetteThailand, 48563-4  
 PromoFaint / Numb, United States, PRO-CDR-101238  
  United States, PRO-CD-101243, Beige  
Collision CourseCD+DVDEuropean Union, 9362-48963-2, Jewel Case v.2  
 DVD+CDEuropean Union, 7599-38628-2, Amaray  
Numb/EncoreCDUnited Kingdom, 5439 16123-2, NUNB Typo  

Minutes To Midnight

Minutes To MidnightCDAustralia, 9362444772, Digipack  
  Canada, CDW 44477, Digipack  
  European Union, 9362-44477-2, Digipack  
 Tour EditionPhilippines, 363132-2  
 VinylGermany, 093624998105, 2020 Reissuesealed  
What I've DoneCDSouth Korea  
  United Kingdom, W762CD1  
 PromoEuropean Union, PR016285UK  
  Japan, PR016285, Promo Only Sticker  
  Mexico, 7509857316225  
Shadow Of The DayVinylEuropean Union, W790, 7"  
Leave Out All The RestCDEuropean Union, 054391991393, Premium  

Road To Revolution

Road To RevolutionPromoEuropean Union, CD Sampler, PRO17226  
  Japan, Promo For WPZR-30320-1  
  Thailand, Promo Only Stamponly CD & DVD  
Songs From The UndergroundCDEuropean Union, 9362-49810-3  
A Thousand SunsCDGermany, 9362-49633-3  
 CD+DVDAustralia, 9362496317  
  Germany, 9362-49631-7  
 +Germany, 9362-49588-9missing CD  
The CatalystCDEuropean Union, 5439-19825-9, Premium  
Burning In The SkiesPromoUnited Kingdom, Cardsleeve  
IridescentPromoUnited Kingdom, Cardsleeve  


RechargedCDGermany, 9362494160  

The Hunting Party

The Hunting PartyCDEuropean Union, 9362-49375-9  

One More Light

One More LightCDGermany, 9362-49132-3  

One More Light Live

One More Light LiveCDGermany, 9362-49079-2  

It's Goin' Down

It's Goin' DownVinylUnited States, 88561-9133-1, 12"  
 PromoEuropean Union, SAMPCS11205 x2 
New DividePromoUnited States, PRO-CDR-520170  

Fort Minor

The Rising TiedCDAustralia, 9362493882, Digipack x2 
  China, GSM-07694  
  Germany, 9362-49916-2, Jewel Case  
 CassetteIndonesia, 9362-49406-4, Clean  
  Malaysia, 9362-49406-4  
  Thailand, 49388-4  
Petrified/Remember The NamePromoPetrified/RTN, US, PRO-CDR-101579  
Believe MeCDAustralia, 9362428592  
  Germany, 5439-15878-2, Cardsleeve  

We Major

We Major CDUnited States, Cardboard Sleeve  

Dead By Sunrise

Out Of AshesCDGermany, 9362-49739-5  
  Russia, 4690355001256  
  South Korea, WKPD-0084  
 PromoInside Of Me, US, Clone CD  
Crawl Back InCDEuropean Union, 9362-49710-8  

Grey Daze


AmendsVinylUnited States, LVR00982, Picturedisc #3 Chester, Spotify Fans First Exclusive x2 
  United States, LVR00984, Picturedisc #1 Grey Daze  

Mike Shinoda

Already Over

Already OverVinylUnited States, 054391370181, Spotify Fans First Exclusive 7" Vinyl  
BooksOtherLearning Not To Drown by Anna Shinoda  
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence ['04]CDFrance, 7243 8 67536 0 1  
LPU 6LPU 6 Best Buy EditionM sealed   LPU 14LPU 14 CDsealed  

Previous Bands

Hybrid Theory

Hybrid TheoryPromoOzzfest 2000sealed  
Snax / Tasty SnaxCD1998 Run Joseph Run!, United States, SG 103  
  2000 Snax, United States, SGR 123  

Linkin Park Concert Items

Linkin Park Concert ItemsOther itemsProjekt Revolution 2004 Sampler  
  Projekt Revolution 2008 USB Wristband x2 


Kick The Bass

Kick The BassPromoGermany, Tief080  


2002 Queen of the Damned

2002 Queen of the DamnedCDGermany, 9362-48285-2 x2 
2011 Transformers: Dark Of The MoonCDGermany, 9362-49554-9  


Cyclefly - Crave

Cyclefly - CraveCDUnited Kingdom, 112 853-2  
Z-Trip - Shifting GearsPromoUnited States, PRCD-11712-2