New Items: April


Meteora - India, 9362 48842-2

Chester Bennington Demos, United States

Road To Revolution - Brazil, 0-7599-39993-58

A Thousand Suns -  Brazil, 9362496333

The Requiem/The Radiance (Acapella), United States

Blackout (RAC Mix), United States

Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic - Brazil, 570970-2

Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic - Japan, PCD-1207

More scans and maybe an exclusive? coming soon!


New Items!


I have added few new items to the catalog:

Frat Party - Brazil, 38554-2

Collision Course - Brazil, 9362489632

Road To Revolution - Brazil, 9362498095

A Thousand Suns - Mexico, 525375-2

Living Things - India, 531345-2

Post Traumatic - Canada, 567450-1, LP

Post Traumatic - United States, Special Edition Art Book Reissue Only

One Step Closer, United States, RSD 2013 Test Press Record

Numb Encore - United States, Acetate Record Press

More coming soon!




January brought few updates on lpcatalog. First of all I edited couple of Meteora releases so they are 100% correct:

Originally this release was named as European Union, 9362 48443 2, Digipack. However after some investigation it turned out to be German to be exact (the IFPI code IFPI L012 is signifying a German release). Around the same time I got confused a little bit because I had another Meteora right next to me with "Disctronics" on the matrix. Initially wanted to edit the EU release to be UK but something was not right. I opened my sealed copy which supposed to be a double of the UK album. Thanks to that i found out that this was a German release while the other one was in fact UK. Long story short, previously named EU is now Germany and I added another release which is United Kingdom, 9362 48443 2, Digipack.

Second thing is a small but important change. I added hq photo of Pts.Of.Athrty + H! Vltg3, US, PRO-CD-100921CD instead of a scan because the actual scan came out as black and white, have no idea why since the cd is actually green.

New items added as well:

Post Traumatic Special Edition 2LP Colored Vinyl + 10"

Minutes To Midnight European Union, 9362-49981-0, Reissue



Mike Shinoda Soundcheck Sessions: Live in Moscow


Out now on Applemusic: http://mshnd.co/SoundcheckSessions18


  • Make It Up As I Go
  • Crossing A Line
  • Roads Untraveled
  • In The End
  • Numb

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