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We created a help page where You can check whether You are about to buy a real or a fake HT EP.
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More things coming soon!

Welcome to Linkin Park Catalog

Welcome to Linkin Park Catalog. Here's some basic info:
Online catalog of all Linkin Park media out there. All pages include info about country, release date, catalog number and EAN (where available) as well as high quality pictures/scans with detailed info about the tracklist and media type.
Take look at some example images:

Linkin Park Albums section. Just click on album image and it'll take You to the list of all album versions out there.



This is how a single Album page looks like. Plain and simple view with all the info You need.



Linkin Park Singles section. Just click on single image and it'll take You to the list of all single types.



This is how a single Single page looks like. Again, simple view with HQ scans available.



Linkin Park Undergroud section gives You a peak into some rare items available only for the underground members.
There are also limited package versions from different years (in example Best Buy Edition or Tour Edition Package)


Feel free to check what's out there but KEEP IN MIND that "we're still building it (the catalog) up". More items available each day! so be sure to come back :).

Last but not least, WE NEED YOU! to help us out. If You happen to have a decent scanner and some free time please contact us at info@lpcatalog.com so we can talk about Your help.