LPCatalog Exclusives: Compilation CD


For the next LPC exclusive, we are offering a download of an internal “Linkin Park Compilation” 2 disc set, dated May 2010. The exact use of the CDs is unknown…our guess is that maybe they were used for LPU CD discussions. Quite a few of these songs have been officially released, so they are not able to be released. Some of them appear on singles, some on LPU CDs, and some are in random places (like Reanimation).

Disc One Tracklisting:
01. One Step Closer (Rock Mix)
02. Papercut (Live at Docklands 2001)
03. Points Of Authority (Live at BBC 2001)
04. A Place For My Head (Live at Docklands 2001)
05. In The End (Live at BBC 2001)
06. Points Of Authority (Live at Docklands 2001)
07. Buy Myself (Manson Remix)
08. Step Up (Live at San Diego 2002)
09. My December (Live at San Diego 2002)
10. Crawling (Live at Reading Festival 2003)
12. In The End (Live at Wal-Mart Soundcheck 2007)
13. Pushing Me Away (Piano Version) (Live at Wal-Mart Soundcheck 2007)
14. My December (Live at Nashville 2008)

Disc Two Tracklisting:
01. Step Up
02. Dedicated
03. Sad (By Myself Demo)
04. Stick N Move (Runaway Demo)

The files released in this exclusive include Points Of Authority and In The End live at BBC 2001  (January 11, 2001) from their studio session. These appear to be a quality upgrade from the versions that are currently circulating. Next, a studio version of QWERTY with what appears to be a SLIGHTLY different mix (listen for yourselves as it is up for discussion) is the third track in this download.

Finally, In The End and Pushing Me Away from the Wal-Mart Soundcheck in 2007 (March 2007) have only been released in video format previously (on walmart.com). This is the first time that the audio recordings of these two song performances have been released! Even though it was technically a “rehearsal” performance, this is the closest we will get to a “studio version” of Pushing Me Away’s piano version as there is obviously zero crowd noise in this performance. The audio on these two is crystal clear and is the highlight of the exclusive, in our opinion. Before this, only What I’ve Done and Breaking The Habit have been released in audio from this session.


-Mark from LPLive.net

Download WAV's: MEGA

LPCatalog Exclusives: Linkin Park/Jay-Z Mix


2004 was a massive year for Linkin Park. On the road, the band blew through a 34-date sold out tour in North America, headlined European festivals (including the famous Rock am Ring 2004 show) along with a few stops in Asia, and played a huge Projekt Revolution Tour in the summer with Korn and many other bands. In the middle of all of this, they managed to release a collaborative album with Jay-Z, entitled Collision Course.

In between the June shows in Europe/Asia and the July kickoff of Projekt Revolution, Jay-Z flew in to Los Angeles to finish up the album, which was pretty much put together in less than a week (Mike claims four days in the Collision Course DVD). New parts were recorded by both Linkin Park and Jay-Z, they reconvened to rehearse the songs, and the live show was ready to go. The Collision Course album was played twice through (one of the takes is on the DVD), and you'll even find the performance of Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin' Down on the LPU 4 CD as well.

However, before any of that happened, let's take it back a few months to when MTV originally asked Jay-Z to do MTV Mashups. He hand-selected Linkin Park, and he and Mike started emailing ideas back-and-forth for a few months. That's where this exclusive comes into play. Dated May 19, 2004, this is the first true demo of the album to surface - eleven years later, at that. It's a mashup of One Step Closer, 99 Problems, and 1Stp Klosr.

In this version, you'll hear the song in a different structure than what finally appeared on Collision Course. Mike placed a One Step Closer chorus after the first 99 Problems verse, and the song then goes into the 1Stp Klosr verse instrumental before kicking back into OSC. Other 1Stp pieces are included...even the end of the song. Who knows if the Jonathan Davis part would have even remained in the final version, but it's interesting to see 1Stp Klosr mashed up with this version, before Points Of Authority took its place in the collaboration.

Mike even took the time to overdub the "yup" and other ad-libs by Jay-Z throughout the track, including the very end of the song. It's unclear if Jay-Z even re-recorded anything for this demo as it appeared that his meeting with Linkin Park in person (shown in the DVD) was his first time re-recording any vocals, but we do know that this is a legit demo put together by Mike in 2004.

Coming from a promo disc with both the explicit and censored versions, enjoy the only known demo from Collision Course!

-Mark from LPLive.net

EDIT: Seems that we had no idea about these tracks, mainly that they originally came from a DJ called AL-B! Theres more into the case since the cd itself is a legit internal promo cd with what looks like a fan-made mashup song. We do know that such thing also happened with Burn It Down Remixes promo where the BID Instrumental turned out to be a fan-made (thx ASTAT for the info). With that said, there could be some speculations about the Collision Course Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer. We'll try to look into this in the future, hoping for a clear answer whether the fan-made mashup (OSC/99 Problems/1Stp Klosr) had something to do with the original track on the album.

Download Track 1 (Explict): Download .FLAC 25,7mb
Download Track 2 (Censored): Download .FLAC 26,1mb

LPCatalog Exclusives Part 2


Part 2 of our exclusive downloads continues with LPTV rough cuts. This time, up for grabs are episodes 5 & 6 which come from a promo cd with ep. 1-6. Episodes 1-4 aren't any different from what we have posted earlier, thus we are not posting them for download. #5 is Australia and Asia Tour and #6 is Meteora Tour '04. Both have new, extended footage.

LPTV Episode 5: Original 8:12, Rough Cut 8:59 Extended footage Download .VOB 512mb
LPTV Episode 6: Original 7:41, Rough Cut 8:30 Extended footage Download .VOB 494mb

Next are episodes 9-13.

Episodes 9-11 do not have the intro nor the outro, while episodes 12 and 13 have it with QWERTY as a background audio. #9 called "Laurel House" is the first episode where the new album info appears, followed by #10 named "Japan Summer Sonic" where story of a new song "QWERTY" is described. Next is episode 11 with Mike's ArtShow in Gallery 1988 in LA, and Rob's Drum Studio, then episode 12 called "Salton Sea" where Minutes To Midnight album art photos where taken. Lastly episode 13 named What I've Done - The Making Of. This is the last episode in our exclusives, but not the last exclusive we have prepared!

LPTV Episode 9: Original 7:30, Rough Cut 7:12 (w/ NO graphic titles) Download .VOB 370mb
LPTV Episode 10: Original 7:25, Rough Cut 7:10 (w/ NO graphic titles) Download .VOB 377mb
LPTV Episode 11: Original 7:02, Rough Cut 6:40 (w/ NO graphic titles) Download .VOB 346mb
LPTV Episode 12: Original 6:47, Rough Cut 6:47 Download .VOB 363mb
LPTV Episode 13: Original 7:28, Rough Cut 7:31 Download .VOB 404mb

Stay tuned this week for part 3 of our exclusive downloads with Mark's (Hahninator's) big contribution in terms of checking, comparing and describing stuff.

LPCatalog Exclusives Part 1


We are proud to present a few exclusives to celebrate the 3rd year of lpcatalog online!
First up are four LPTV episodes from 2003, released by LP in early 2007 in order to promote the new album Minutes To Midnight.
That's right, they began with the LPU Tour footage followed by Projekt Revolution '03, then Summer Sanitarium. Next, episode 4 named Europe '03 and then Australia and Asia footage.
After that was a Meteora episode, Australia and Asia 2003 Tour, European and Asian Tour 2004. Lastly episode number 9 named Laurel House, which was the first episode where making of the new album stuff appeared.

Up for grabs are the first four episodes of LPTV. What's different?
Well they are "rough cut" videos which means that very little editing has been done in order to
preview Mark Fiore's work and then write down what to leave and what to remove and/or edit.
There are some differences, compared to the regular LPTV episodes which were shared to the public on
LP's youtube channel and then released via iTunes to purchase, with extended length. List as follows:

LPTV Episode 1: Original 7:08, Rough Cut 7:22 Download .VOB 397mb
LPTV Episode 2: Original 7:56, Rough Cut 8:20 New footage Download .VOB 464mb
LPTV Episode 3: Original 7:58, Rough Cut 8:25 Extended live footage, altered footage order Download .VOB 460mb
LPTV Episode 4: Original 8:29, Rough Cut 9:10 Extended footage Download .VOB 572mb
LPTV Episode Trailer Version 1 12.12.2006 TRT 1.58 Rough Cut Download .VOB 119mb

The main difference is the background audio in the beginning of each episode: Figure.09 instead of QWERTY ,
also some scenes are cut, some are extended, some effects are there and some are not, compared to
the iTunes releases. Also, Mike's commentary is not present in the rough cuts, particularly on episode 1!

Last but not least, remember that this is just the beginning of our exclusive downloads, expect another quality release on Sunday, April 26!

UPDATE 04/25

Due to high demand we have decided to upload two next episodes which are from a different promo:


These have QWERTY as the background audio in the beginning. Also there are some cool scenes that we haven't seen before, i.e. Baby Got Back "cover" during Donnington Festival in episode 7!

LPTV Episode 7: Original 7:15, Rough Cut 7:30 Extended footage Download .VOB 420mb
LPTV Episode 8: Original 8:11, Rough Cut 8:16 Extended footage Download .VOB 462mb

LPCatalog is 3 years old!



Today is a very special day. LPCatalog is 3 years old! During these 3 years we have released some things you couldn't find anywhere else, got in touch with some hardcore collectors all over the world, one of them being Brennan Percy who is part of our team now! The catalog itself is as close to being complete as ever before, with a very small list of items we are still looking for. With that said, stay tuned for a few exclusives we have for the upcoming weeks, one of them being a project I have worked for the past few years myself and another one which is quite cool and unexpected if I may say so. Both are a small step into the past and that is always a fun thing to do, right? Thank you once again for the years with us, we are looking forward to the many more years of LP fans who appreciate our work!