Interview Month: Collectors Interview #2



Second collector we would like to introduce is our good friend Curt from London, UK. His collection is not as big as Brennans BUT he has some awesome items in his possesion and a cool story to tell!

1. First question is the most common question in LP fanbase: the beginning. What or who got You into Linkin Park? Was it a video you saw or a friend who gave You a copy of LP's Hybrid Theory? That brings the 1A question: What was the first item related to LP you've purchased?

I first heard about Linkin Park in 2006 via a very old friend of mine called Oles who I had met on an online gaming forum. We used to speak most days after school on MSN messenger and we used to send each other music on YouTube that we liked so we could fill our MP3 players. He sent me copies of songs from Hybrid Theory and Meteora, the first being Pushing Me Away and Numb. I proceeded to download their albums a few tracks at a time over the course of a few weeks. I spent the best part of my teenage years listening to Hybrid Theory, Reanimation and Meteora as a way of coping with depression. I have a very fond attachment to those three albums. A little fun and embarrassing fact, I had downloaded Reanimation with the track numbers in the completely wrong order - it took until 2009 to realise and correct the numbers in my iTunes library! The first physical items I bought were far later, probably around 2009 when I brought Hybrid Theory and Meteora in a 2 for £10 deal in HMV (those were the days). I started collecting shortly after this period by accident if I am honest. I decided to buy the rest of LP’s albums a few at a time and thought I would check eBay for better prices. I stumbled upon the numbered single of Crawling and I bought it, followed by the In The End numbered single and the rest is as they say, history.


Interview Month: Collectors


We're starting a series of interviews with people all over the world with the largest Linkin Park/Fort Minor/Dead By Sunrise and related collections. In terms of large collections by large collectors we mean anywhere from 200 to 900 total items! Every hardcore collector has a different story of how they started their collecting. We found that the loving LP collectors are no different and make for interesting reads from how they got into the band to what their very first item was.

We'll start with kingpin, Brennan, known as bpercy, a fellow friend from Canada and staff member of the LPCatalog team with the biggest collection on earth. That's right, he has over 900 items in his possesion, making him #1 on the globe in terms of numbers. Here are some questions that he answered which will be the same questions other collectors will have a chance to answer.

1. First question is the most common question in LP fanbase: the beginning. What or who got You into Linkin Park? Was it a video you saw or a friend who gave You a copy of LP's Hybrid Theory? That brings the 1A question: What was the first item related to LP you've purchased?

The first time I ever got into Linkin Park I was driving to Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in early March 2003. Me and a few friends were all 18 years old in our last year of high school. We were all from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada which is 30 minutes from the USA border.  We decided to go for a trip for the weekend. "Somewhere I belong" came on a few times on the radio and I instantly fell In love with it.   I asked my friends who it was and they said Linkin Park.  I of course heard of the band and only really remember their crazy One Step Closer video with red hair and upside down ninjas.  When I got home from the trip I asked my sister about the band who was 15 years old at the time and she handed me Hybrid Theory from her room and I listened to the album and I vividly remember thinking "how and the hell have I missed this, where have I been the last 2,5 years...."  I went to hmv for meteora release on March 25 and bought the blue CD/DVD Special Edition.  I was blown away.  Meteora is still my favourite album of all time. That cd was in my CD player for 18 months and got played every day, no bullshit. I went back to hmv in April and bought the SIB SINGLE and noticed there was two types: one with two tracks and one with three.  I got both and the collecting started. I never knew I would become a world class collector.  I always collected hockey cards as a young kid and this my was my hobby.


Fort Minor Welcome Video Wall Update #1


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Fort Minor Welcome and more...



Fort Minor is back! with what appears is just a single song with no album to follow. The song's called Welcome and you can get it for free on fortminor.com til the end of this week! Comes in mp3 and wav, clean and explict along with single art and a letter explaining what's the song. Along with that there is an awesome vinyl (only 1000 made, each one is unique due to the fact that Mike spraypainted a mural on hung vinyl jackets!) presale, new FM merch with some new t-shirts. Check this out here. There are four options:








$95 Welcome Vinyl
$145 Deluxe Welcome Vinyl
$120 Welcome Vinyl + Welcome Back Tee
$165 Deluxe Welcome Vinyl + Welcome Back Tee

There will be a video to follow today. This time a 360 eperience.

Vinyl tracklist:
Side 1
1. Welcome (Explicit)
2. Welcome (Clean)
Side 2
1. Welcome (Explicit) Acapella
2. Welcome (Clean) Acapella
3. Welcome Instrumental