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2000 Hybrid Theory

total 9 items

20th Anniversary EditionUnited States, 9362489323, Vinyl Boxset  
 United States, 9362489324, Deluxe CD  
 United States, 9362489324, Super Deluxe Boxset  
CDJapan, WPCR-10877  
 Japan, WPCR-10982, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-13506, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-22001, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-22110, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-78139, Reissue  

2001 Frat Party

total 6 items

DVDJapan, WPBR-90057  
 Japan, WPBR-90127  
 Japan, WPBR-90226  
 Japan, WPBR-90317  
 Japan, WPBR-90780  
 Japan, WPBR-95016  

2002 Reanimation

total 3 items

CDJapan, WPCR-11293  
 Japan, WPCR-22003, Reissue  
DVD AudioJapan, WPAR-10038  

2003 Meteora

total 6 items

CDJapan, WPCR-11440  
 Japan, WPCR-13507, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-22002, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-22109, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-78140, Reissue  
Special EditionJapan, WPCR-11524  

2004 Collision Course

total 2 items

CD+DVDJapan, WPCR-30073-4  
 Japan, WPZR-30079/80  

2007 Minutes To Midnight

total 4 items

CDJapan, WPCR-12610, Digipack  
 Japan, WPCR-13508, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-78141, Reissue  
Tour EditionJapan, WPCR-12808  

2008 Road To Revolution

total 1 items

CD+DVDJapan, WPZR-30320-1, Digipack  

2010 A Thousand Suns

total 2 items

+Japan, WPZR-30395  
Special EditionUnited States, 525942-2, BestBuy Edition  

2014 The Hunting Party

total 1 items

CD+DVDJapan, WPZR-30613/4  

Linkin Park Singles

total 31 items

LPU 8LPU8 Platinum Plaque  

Fort Minor

total 24 items

Dead By Sunrise

total 14 items

Stone Temple Pilots With Chester Bennington

total 3 items


total 3 items

Mike Shinoda

total 1 items