2024 Update


We've changed some things here and there, starting a series of updates on the Catalog this year. First is a brand new Linkin Park page that replaced Linkin Park Singles and Linkin Park Albums. Now everything is in one place.

Also Miscellaneous singles in each album have been moved to the corresponding album itself, as a promo entries (these singles technically all are promotional). Nothing changed on the collection/wantlist/doubles side, singles should be on your lists, just in different place (in album promos).

- mike

Papercuts | All available versions


Things changed since midnight, more versions have been officially announced. Check out the list below, and of course happy preordering!

Papercuts Standard CD €16,99 $14,98 EAN: 0093624846017 #093624846017

Papercuts Standard Black Vinyl 2LP €42,99 $39,98 EAN: 0093624846000 #093624846000

Papercuts Limited Edition Zoetrope Vinyl 2LP €68,99 $59,98 EAN: 0093624845720 #093624845720

Papercuts Limited Edition Sky Blue & Tangerine Vinyl 2LP €55,99 $49,98 EAN: 0093624845737 #093624845737

Papercuts Limited Edition Bone Vinyl 2LP JPC Exclusive (& Target) €39,99 EAN: 0093624845683 #093624845683

Papercuts Limited Edition Clear, Black & Red Splatter Vinyl 2LP Indie Exclusive €39,99 $44,99 EAN: 0093624845713 #093624845713

Papercuts Limited Edition Spotify Exclusive Yellow & Black Splatter Vinyl 2LP €44,99, $39,98 EAN: 0093624845706 #093624845706

Papercuts Limited Edition Walmart Exclusive Dark Grey Recycled Color Vinyl $36,97 EAN: 0093624845690 #093624845690

Papercuts Limited Edition Barnes & Noble Exclusive Milky Clear Vinyl $41,99 EAN: 0093624845058 #093624845058

Papercuts Limited Edition Fluorescent Green Cassette €17,99 $14,98 EAN: 0093624844655 #093624844655

Also (upon requests) here are couple of bundles to choose from. You can save couple of quids/bucks off the merch by buying a bundle instead of separate items. NOTE: remember about VAT + duty fees in your country!

Papercuts All Music Bundle £151.99 EAN: 0093624843870

Papercuts Choice Of Album & T-shirt Starting from £42.99 EAN: 0093624843931

Papercuts Limited Edition Vinyl Collectors Bundle £79.99 EAN: 0093624843887

Papercuts Limited Edition Vinyl (Sky Blue & Tangerine) + T-Shirt Bundle $74,98 EAN: 0093624843955


Oh yeah..and then there's this other thing..Friendly Fire/Papercuts.


February 22, 2024 - Friendly Fire Single


April 12, 2024 - Papercuts (compilation of singles released between 2000 and 2023)
EAN: 0093624846017



01. Crawling
02. Faint
03. Numb/Encore
04. Papercut
05. Breaking The Habit
06. In The End
07. Bleed It Out
08. Somewhere I Belong
09. Waiting For The End
10. Castle Of Glass
11. One More Light
12. Burn It Down
13. What I’ve Done
15. One Step Closer
16. New Divide
17. Leave Out All The Rest
18. Lost
19. Numb
20. Friendly Fire

- mike.

Dead By Sunrise Out Of Ashes RSD 2024 Release!


Looks like his year will be full of new "limited" releases! Next up is Dead By Sunrise - Out Of Ashes album, repressed first time since 2009! 2 LP release for 2024 Record Store Day, pressed on black ice vinyl. Promoted on the official DBS social media:

"This vinyl will contain the much requested acoustic promotional performance we did in Las Vegas in conjunction with Club Tattoo at Linq Hotel Las Vegas! We had always intended to release these versions as we were shocked that the songs sounded so good acoustically! I remember watching the video footage of the performance with Chester - he turned to me and smiled and said “well, I guess we can book acoustic shows too!! This sounds amazing!!”.

We are super grateful to Talinda for pushing to make this happen as well as our friends @ Warner Bros records + Machine Shop! If it wasn’t for Talinda we would have never had the push we needed to get this material out. I have to tell you: it was wonderful to to have conversations about Dead By Sunrise again, and discuss material and release ideas… really felt good.
We hope you enjoy it!!!

Dead By Sunrise – Out of Ashes (Deluxe Vinyl): 2xLP (Black Ice Vinyl). Limited to 7,500 copies in USA/Canada and 2,500 copies in the rest of the world.
Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington joined forces with longtime friends and members of Orgy and Julien-K to form alternative rock outfit Dead By Sunrise. The group’s critically acclaimed debut Out of Ashes dropped in 2009 and remains a fan favorite. Exclusive to RSD, Out of Ashes Deluxe Vinyl (with Vegas Acoustic Songs) will be available for the first time ever in North America. This double-LP consists of the original 12-track album in addition to a Japanese bonus track entitled “Morning After.” Plus, it contains five sought-after unreleased live acoustic cuts originally recorded in Las Vegas in 2009."



Out Of Ashes 2LP vinyl album. Pressed on a black ice vinyl.

Release Date: 2024-04-20
EAN: 0093624848738
Quantity: 7500 (North America) + 2500 (Rest of the world)
Side A:
01. Fire
02. Crawl Back In
03. Too Late
04. Inside Of Me
05. Let Down

Side B:
01. Give Me Your Name
02. My Suffering
03. Condemned
04. Into You

Side C:
01. End Of The World
02. Walking In Circles
03. In The Darkness
04. Morning After

Side D:
01. Crawl Back (Live)
02. Walking In Circles (Live)
03. In The Darkness (Live)
04. Let Down (Live)
05. Morning After (Live)

- mike.

New 2024 Releases: Lost & Post Traumatic.


2024 has just started and we are getting possible releases set to 1st march.



LOST DEMOS vinyl album. Pressed on a black vinyl.

Release Date: 2024-03-01
EAN: 0093624852704

Post Traumatic, two versions (not yet confirmed):

- Limited Edition Orange Disc pressed on 140 gram vinyl.
Release Date: 2024-03-01
EAN: 0093624850700

- Limited Edition Picture Disc pressed on 140 gram vinyl.
Release Date: 2024-03-01
EAN: 0093624851660

While the LOST DEMOS vinyl appears to be a legitimate release (offers starting to pop up here and there, at trusted online stores) both Post Traumatic releases are yet to be confirmed (either by Mike, or by retailers).

- mike.