Arni’s Doubles

Total items: 50

Different items: 39

Hybrid TheoryCDGermany, 9362-47755-2  
   version 2000 - no logo  
 Special EditionPhilippines, 9 48267-2  


CrawlingCDGermany, 5439167602, Cardsleeve  
  Germany, 9362449952  
 DVDUnited Kingdom, W556DVD  
PapercutCDGermany, 54391 6741 2, Cardsleeve  
  Germany, W562CD  


ReanimationCDJapan, WPCR-11293  


MeteoraCDGermany, 9362-48462-2, Digipack  
  Japan, WPCR-11440 x2 
Somewhere I BelongCDGermany, 5439 16664-2, Cardsleeve  
FaintCD1Germany, 5439 16652-2, Cardsleeve  
Breaking The HabitCDGermany, 9362-42721-2 / W645CD x2 
 DVDEuropean Union, 7599-38614-2  

Collision Course

Collision CourseCD+DVDGermany, 9362-48964-2, Digipack  

Minutes To Midnight

Minutes To MidnightCDJapan, WPCR-12610, Digipack  
 Special EditionUnited States, 100719-2, Black  
What I've DoneCDEuropean Union, 9362-49970-1  
Bleed It OutCDUnited Kingdom, W772CD  
Leave Out All The RestCDJapan, WPCR-13283  

A Thousand Suns

A Thousand SunsCDJapan, WPCR-13939  
 CD+DVDGermany, 9362-49631-7  

The Hunting Party

The Hunting PartyCDJapan, WPCR-15728  
 CD+DVDAustralia, 9362493698  

Until It's Gone

Until It's GonePromoUnited Kingdom, Cardsleeve x5 


PAPERCUTSCassetteUnited States, 093624844655, Fluorescent Green  

It's Goin' Down

It's Goin' DownCDAustria, 672463 2  
 VinylUnited States, 88561-9133-1, 12"  
 PromoUnited Kingdom, XPCD2646  
  United States, SAMPMS 11206, 12"  

Fort Minor

The Rising TiedCDJapan, WPCR-12219, Digipack  
 Special EditionJapan, WPZR-30130~1  

Believe Me

Believe MeCDGermany, 5439-15878-2, Cardsleeve x2 


MilitiaYear OneUnited States  

Dead By Sunrise

Out Of AshesCDJapan, WPCR-13627  

Grey Daze

What's In The Eye

What's In The EyeCDUnited States, LVR01014 x3 

Mike Shinoda

Post TraumaticSpecial EditionUnited States, 570970-2, Reissue  
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence ['04]CDEuropean Union, CDBONG34  
LPU 9LPU 9: Demos CD (European Union) x2