Yuri/Nemesis’s Doubles

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Different items: 29

2003 Meteora

2003 MeteoraSpecial EditionGermany, 9362-48463-2  
2007 Minutes To MidnightTour EditionGermany, 9362-49893-4  
2008 Road To RevolutionCD+DVDGermany, 9362-49809-5, Digipack  
 VinylEuropean Union, 9362-49218-3, Red & Black Splatter, RSD 2016  
2008 Songs From The UndergroundCDEuropean Union, 9362-49810-3  
2010 A Thousand SunsCDJapan, WPCR-13939  
2013 RechargedPromoRecharge Rubble Pack, United States  
2017 One More LightVinylGermany, 9362-49132-4, 12"  

Linkin Park Singles

2000 One Step CloserCDGermany, W550CD  
2001 CrawlingCDGermany, W556CD  
 DVDUnited Kingdom, W556DVD  
2001 In The EndCD1Germany, W569CDX  
2003 Somewhere I BelongCDGermany, W602CD  
2003 FaintCD1United Kingdom, W610CD1  
 CD2United Kingdom, W610CD2  
 PromoGermany, PR04057  
2003 NumbCD1United Kingdom, W622CD1  
 CD2United Kingdom, W622CD2  
 PromoGermany, PR04243  
2010 The CatalystPromoUnited States, Clone CD  
2013 A Light That Never ComesCDEuropean Union, 5439197238  
LPU 7LPU 7 CD                  LPU 11LPU Eleven CD   LPU 16LPU 16 CD  

Linkin Park Concert Items

Linkin Park Concert ItemsOther itemsProjekt Revolution 2004 Sampler  

Fort Minor

Believe Me

Believe MePromoEuropean Union, PR015613  
Where'd You GoCDEuropean Union, 9362-42901-2  
We Major CDUnited States  


Mannequin Eyes

Mannequin EyesCassetteUnited States