Coup D Etat

2012-05-05 11:48:07

"This release contains the following two DVDs: Recut of "Linkin Park - Conspiracy Theory", plus a brand new film.
The set tells the complete story of Linkin Park from their earliest days in California struggling to find a record deal, through one success after another to culminate with their position today as a first class rock band, up there with the very finest the world has to offer.
Featuring rare footage of Linkin Park, exclusive archive material, interviews with the band and those who've known them best, contributions from the finest Rock writers and journalists around, location shoots, seldom seen photographs and a host of other features, this set fully documents fascinating story of a band who realized their dream - then kept on dreaming.
Having left most of their original Nu-Metal contemporaries behind many years back, Linkin Park have maintained their position as one of the finest and most successful rock bands ever by continuously experimenting, regularly pushing boundaries and always remaining hungry for the prize - mix in a whole barrow load of talent and the formula is complete."

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