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2000 Hybrid Theory

total 35 items

CDIndonesia, 9 47755-2 / WMI 1577  
Special EditionIndonesia, 9 48267-2 / WMI 1666, Version 2  
PromoBy Myself, United States, Multitracks, Clone CD  
 My December, United States, CD-R  
 My December/High Voltage, United Kingdom, CD-R  
 Points Of Authority, United Kingdom, VHS  
 Runaway, United States, Multitracks, CD-R  

2000 One Step Closer

total 8 items

CDGermany, 5439-16777-2, Cardsleeve  
 Germany, W550CD  
 United Kingdom, W550CD  
PromoAustralia, Sample Product Sticker  
 United Kingdom, VHS v2  
 United States, PRO-CD-100323, CD-R  
 United States, VHS, WO34450  
 United States, VHS, WO35206  

2001 Crawling

total 12 items

CDAustralia, 9362449952  
 Germany, 5439167602 / WEC795, Cardsleeve  
 United Kingdom, W556CD  
DVDAustralia, 7599385382  
PromoAustraila, Sample Product Sticker  
 Brazil, CDWP072, Agente 103  
 Japan, Promo for WPBR-90029  
 United Kingdom, W556C, DAT Tape  
 United States, VHS, 04/09/2001  
 United States, VHS, 04/10/2001  
 United States, VHS, 04/18/2001  
 United States, VHS, WO# 1129415  

2001 In The End

total 8 items

CD1Australia, 9362424112  
 United Kingdom, W569CDX  
CD2Australia, 9362424122  
 United Kingdom, W569CD  
PromoAustralia, Sample Product Sticker  
 Denmark, Promo Sticker on Case  
 Israel, PR02753  
 Japan, Promo for WPCR-11210  

Mike Shinoda

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