Interview Month: Collectors Interview #5: Daniel

Fifth and final (for now) collector in our interview month is our new friend Daniel from Dessau, Germany. Here's another perspective on collecting!

1. First question is the most common question in LP fanbase: the beginning. What or who got You into Linkin Park? Was it a video you saw or a friend who gave You a copy of LP's Hybrid Theory? That brings the 1A question: What was the first item related to LP you've purchased?

My first contact with LP was also the first video "One Step Closer". I was 13 and i enjoyed it on TV! I was really excited about it so I bought Hybrid Theory the next day. The beginning of my collection. I knew that this was the beginning of a special relationship, followed by joining the LPU, but I had not expected to be a collector.

2. What is the most valuable item you currently have?

That's not easy to say, maybe the Hybrid Theory EP [LPU 1.0] or my Reanimation Vinyl or the "Welcome Vinyl"! But my own very special piece is my signed VHS from In the End! It was signed last year in Leipzig. By the way: Phoenix asked me: ist it gut? A mix of german and english meaning: is it good!?

3. What, in your opinion, is the so called holy grail of LP collectors? HT EP 1999? SDaHF Cassette? Or maybe some limited signed item? Please explain why?

I think it is the '99 Hybrid Theory EP! Or the 'nowhere to get XERO Tape'. They are the most discussed items in LP fanbase. And of course many of us want to own a legit copy. The HTEP has an aura hard to describe. 

4. Roughly, how much do you spend on LP per year? Few people have already asked here and there, and they would like to know how do you run your budget just to afford some old and some new stuff (when a new album drops in example) along with regular life (hah)?

There is no fix budget I spent through all the years, but I think it would be a maximum of 250/300€ per year. It's my passion. I have to lie though, if i didn't I would buy a more expensive item if i had the chance, for example the FM/Welcome Vinyl I bought in Berlin at the Fort Minor show!

5. Based on Your current collection, is there any item (apart from the holy grail list) You wanted to get but still didn't due to any reasons?

Uhhh there are some items. I always wanted to get the vinyl version of Collision Course released in 2004, but it's not on sale anymore, so I have to search. I also wanted to own the Recharged Deluxe Boxset but this is too expensive! And I also wanted some regular stuff, like some missing singles and the Recharged Vinyl. I always forget to buy them when I'm out shopping.

6. After so many years of collecting, is there anything You'd like LP to release more often or from time to time? In example different single versions, CD+DVD albums WITH making of? Live releases? Or maybe limited editions?

I'm a BIG fan of limited editions and vinyls. I'm also on the hype train of vinyls! It a special feeling to own and listen to black gold! Last month they started vinyl charts again in Germany! So there is a chance we might get more vinyls in the future.

7. What are Your future goals in collecting? Getting more stuff or focusing on just some rare items?

I want to collect more cd/dvd/vinyl etc. versions. I'm always looking for new stuff. Last thing I bought was a rare 'SIB' Vinyl. I hope to reach the 200 mark soon! And I hope that I someday will own the CC (2004) vinyl.