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Linkin Park Albums

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2000 Hybrid Theory

total 18 items

CDIndonesia, 9 47755-2  
 Japan, WPCR-10982, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-22001, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-22110, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-75683, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-78139, Reissue  
 Taiwan, 4711169003196  
 Taiwan, 9362-47755-2  
Special EditionIndonesia, 9 48267-2, Version 2  
 Indonesia, 9 48267-4, Cassette  
 Korea, 9 48267-2, Billboard Edition  
 Taiwan, 9362-48267-2  
VinylCanada, 12", 1-532432, RSD Reissue  
 Canada, 12", 1-536240, Clear, Hot Topic Exclusive  
PromoJapan, PCS-496  
 Thailand, Special Edition, Promo Only Stamp  
 United States, Unmastered Studio Finals  
 With You / POA Sampler Tape  

2001 Frat Party

total 10 items

DVDJapan, WPBR-90127  
 Japan, WPBR-90226  
 Japan, WPBR-90317  
 Japan, WPBR-90780  
 Japan, WPBR-95016  
 United States, 2-38592, Jewel Case  
VCDPhilippines, 7599-38554-5  
 Philippines, 7599-38554-5, Mispress  
 Thailand, 7599-38554-5  
VHSUnited States, 3-38554  

2002 Reanimation

total 3 items

CDJapan, WPCR-11293  
DVD AudioJapan, WPAR-10038  
CassetteMalaysia, 9 48326-4  

2003 Meteora

total 17 items

CDJapan, WPCR-13507, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-22002, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-22109, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-75684, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-78140, Reissue  
 United States, 48186-2, Digipack  
Special EditionJapan, WPCR-11524  
 Taiwan, 9362 48475-2  
 United States, 48442-2  
Tour EditionHong Kong, 9362 48842-2  
 Indonesia, 9362 48842-2  
 Malaysia, 48843-4, Cassette  
 Thailand, 9362 48842-2  
VinylCzech Republic, 1-536241, Gold, Hot Topic Exclusive  
PromoThailand, Tour Edition, Promo Only Stamp  
 United States, PRO-CDR-101053  
 United States, World Premiere Of Meteora  

2003 Live In Texas

total 8 items

CD+DVDAustralia, 9362486282, Jewel Case  
CD+VCDIndonesia, 9362-48636-2  
 Taiwan, 9362-48636-2  
CassetteThailand, 48563-4  
PromoThailand, Promo Only Stamp  
 United States, PRO-CD-101243, Beige  
 United States, PRO-CD-101243, Black  
 United States, PRO-DVD-101221  

2004 Collision Course

total 5 items

CD+DVDJapan, WPZR-30079/80  
 United States, 48962-2, Digipack  
CD+VCDPhilippines, 93624 89862 7  
DVD+CDUnited States, 2-38628, Amaray  
VinylEuropean Union, Transparent Blue, RSD Reissue  

2007 Minutes To Midnight

total 8 items

CDJapan, WPCR-13508, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-75685, Reissue  
 Japan, WPCR-78141, Reissue  
 United States, 44477-2, Digipack  
Special EditionUnited States, 100719-2, Grey  
 United States, 170940-2, Grey, BestBuy Exclusive  
Tour EditionJapan, WPCR-12808  
PromoUnited States, Info Sticker, Digipack  

2008 Road To Revolution

total 5 items

CD+DVDJapan, WPZR-30320-1, Digipack  
 Japan, WPZR-30334-5, Jewel Case  
 Taiwan, DVD+CD  
PromoWork In Progress (With Jay-Z)  
 Work In Progress (Without Jay-Z)  

2008 Songs From The Underground

total 2 items

CDUnited States, 516691-2  
PromoJapan, CD-R  

2010 A Thousand Suns

total 7 items

CDJapan, WPCR-13939  
CD+DVDJapan, WPZR-30375/6  
 United States, 525463-2  
VinylNetherlands, 525375-1, 12"  
 United States, 525375-1, 12"  
+Japan, WPZR-30395  
PromoUnited Kingdom, +, Promo  

2012 Living Things

total 9 items

CDJapan, WPCR-14496  
VinylEuropean Union, 9362-49477-7, 12"  
Tour EditionAustralia, 9362494539  
+Germany, 9362-49450-0  
 Japan, WPZR-30611  
 Taiwan, 9362-49450-0  
PromoThailand, Promo Only Stamp  
 United Kingdom, Promo Only Stamp  
 United States, Share To Earn CD-R  

2013 Recharged

total 4 items

CDJapan, WPCR-15357  
VinylEuropean Union, 9362494114, 12"  
PromoJapan, PCD-508  
 United States, W11155-14, Watermarked Promo  

2014 The Hunting Party

total 6 items

CDJapan, WPCR-15728  
CD+DVDUnited States, 543581-2  
VinylCzech Republic, 543028-1  
PromoArgentina, Promo Only Stamp  
 Thailand, CD+DVD Promo  
 United States, W15030-21, Watermarked Promo  

2017 One More Light

total 4 items

VinylCanada, 560648-1, f.y.e. Exclusive, Special Dark Green Vinyl  
Special EditionUnited States, 560455-2  
PromoJapan, PCD-1100  
 United Kingdom, Sticker On Case  

Linkin Park Singles

total 85 items

2000 One Step Closer

total 4 items

CassetteUnited Kingdom, W550C  
PromoUnited States, PRO-CD-100344, 3 Song EP  
 United States, PRO-CD-100445  
 United States, PRO-CDR-100318  

2001 Crawling

total 5 items

CDAustralia, 9362449952  
DVDGermany, 7599-38538-2  
 Japan, WPBR-90029  
 United Kingdom, W556DVD  
PromoUnited Kingdom, CD-R, 2  

2001 Papercut

total 3 items

CassetteUnited Kingdom, W562C  
PromoTaiwan, Electrostatic Bag Promo  
 United Kingdom, CD-R, 3 Tracks  

2001 In The End

total 4 items

DVDGermany, 7599-38555-2, Amaray  
 United Kingdom, W569DVD, Digipack  
PromoUnited States, PRO-CD-100687  
 United States, PRO-CD-100687, VHS  

2001 Hybrid Theory Misc

total 4 items

PromoMy December, United States, Clone CD  
 My December/High Voltage, United Kingdom, CD-R  
 Points of Authority, Germany, PR02932  
 Pushing Me Away, France, CD-R  

2002 Pts.Of.Athrty + H! Vltg3

total 4 items

CDPts.Of.Athrty + H! Vltg3, UK, W588CD  
VinylH! Vltg3, US, WB4078, 12"  
PromoH! Vltg3, US, PRO-CD-100934  
 Pts.Of.Athrty + H! Vltg3, US, PRO-CD-100921  

2002 Enth E Nd + Frgt/10

total 3 items

PromoEnth E Nd + Frgt/10, US, PRO-(A/B)-101006, 12"  
 Enth E Nd + Frgt/10, US, PRO-CDR-101006  
 Frgt/10, Mexico, PCD 1554  

2002 Reanimation Misc

total 2 items

PromoMyDsmbr, USA, PRO-CD-100997  
 P5HNG ME A*WY, France, CD-R  

2003 Faint

total 4 items

CD1Australia, 9362426322  
PromoUnited Kingdom, CD-R, Black  
 United Kingdom, CD-R, White  
 United States, PRO-CD-101161, ST Sampler  

2003 Numb

total 1 items

CD1United Kingdom, W622CD1  

2004 From The Inside

total 2 items

CDGermany, 5439 16531-2  
PromoUnited Kingdom, CD-R  

2003 Meteora Misc

total 2 items

PromoLFY, United States, PRO-CDR-101291  
 LFY/Faint, United States, Clone CD  

2004 Numb/Encore

total 2 items

CDAustralia, 5439161232  

2004 Collision Course Misc

total 1 items

PromoIzzo/In The End, Japan, WPZR-30079/80  

2007 Bleed It Out

total 1 items

CDAustralia, 9362499288  

2008 Given Up

total 2 items

CDGermany, 0-5439-19930-5-2, Premium  
PromoUnited States, PRO-CDR-458556  

2008 Leave Out All The Rest

total 2 items

CDEuropean Union, 9362-49816-9  

2007 Minutes To Midnight Misc

total 1 items

PromoNo More Sorrow, US, PRO-CD-102050  

2010 The Catalyst

total 5 items

CDEuropean Union, 0 5439-19830-0  
 United States, 2-525433  
PromoFrance, MoH Promo  
 United States, CD-R  
 United States, Clone CD  

2010 Waiting For The End

total 1 items

CDEuropean Union, 5439-19817-9  

2011 Burning In The Skies

total 3 items

CDEuropean Union, 5439-19803-9  
PromoDenmark, CD-R  
 United Kingdom  

2011 Iridescent

total 4 items

CDEuropean Union, 0-9362-49550-7-8  
PromoUnited Kingdom  
 United States, Clone CD  
 United States, PRO-CD-527743  

2010 A Thousand Suns Misc

total 1 items

PromoBlackout, United Kingdom  

2012 Burn It Down

total 3 items

CDEuropean Union, 9362495050  
 Japan, WPCR-14511  
 United States, 531374-2  

2012 Lost In The Echo

total 2 items

PromoEuropean Union, PR016977  
 United Kingdom  

2013 Castle Of Glass

total 2 items

CDEuropean Union, 5439197420  
PromoUnited Kingdom  

2012 Living Things Misc

total 3 items

PromoI'LL BE GONE, Hong Kong, CD-R  
 LIES GREED MISERY, United States, CD-R  
 POWERLESS, Japan, PCD-332  

2013 A Light That Never Comes

total 2 items

CDEuropean Union, 5439197238  

2014 Guilty All The Same

total 2 items

PromoJapan, PCD-566  
 United Kingdom  

2014 Final Masquerade

total 3 items

CDEuropean Union, 0-5439-19697-0-5  
PromoBenelux, CD-R  
 United States, CD-R  

2014 The Hunting Party Misc

total 1 items

PromoRebellion, United Kingdom  

2017 Heavy

total 2 items

PromoBenelux, CD-R  
 United Kingdom  

2002 It's Goin' Down

total 1 items

CDUnited Kingdom, 672564 2  

2008 We Made It

total 2 items

CDJapan, WPCR-12973  
 United Kingdom, W810CD  

2009 New Divide

total 1 items

CDEuropean Union, 9362-49741-8  

LP Underground

total 5 items

LPU 6LPU 6 Tour Edition  
LPU 7LPU 7 Tour Edition  
LPU 9LPU 9 BestBuy  
 LPU 9: Demos CD (Japan)  
 LPU 9: Demos Vinyl (USA)  

Previous Bands

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AlbumLas Vegas Theory  

Linkin Park Concert Items

total 10 items

Other itemsProjekt Revolution 2004 Sampler  
 Projekt Revolution 2008 USB Wristband  
ProgramA Thousand Suns World Tour 2010-2011 Program  
 Download Festival 2004 Program  
 Meteora World Tour 2003 Program  
 Projekt Revolution 2004 Program (2)  
 Projekt Revolution 2007 Program  
 Projekt Revolution 2008 Program  
 World Tour 2008 Program  
MiscWHFS Concert USA Internal Review CD-R  

Fort Minor

total 11 items

Dead By Sunrise

total 3 items


total 2 items

PromoLinkin Park Compilation  
Live EarthUnited States, DVD, Digital Clone  

Mike Shinoda

total 2 items