2007 Minutes To Midnight / Tour Edition / Japan, WPCR-12808

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Minutes To Midnight (Tour Edition, Japan, WPCR-12808)
Minutes To Midnight (Tour Edition, Japan, WPCR-12808)

Minutes To Midnight (Tour Edition, Japan, WPCR-12808)


  1. Wake
  2. Given Up
  3. Leave Out All the Rest
  4. Bleed It Out
  5. Shadow of the Day
  6. What I've Done
  7. Hands Held High
  8. No More Sorrow
  9. Valentine's Day
  10. In Between
  11. In Pieces
  12. The Little Things Give You Away
  13. Faint (Live)
  14. No Roads Left
  15. What I've Done (Distorted Remix)
  16. Given Up (Third Encore Session)


Scans by bpercy.

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