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Linkin Park Albums

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Linkin Park Singles

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2000 One Step Closer

total 3 items

CassetteUnited Kingdom, W550C  
PromoUnited Kingdom, CD-R  
 United States, PRO-CD-100323, CD-R  

2001 Crawling

total 3 items

PromoBrazil, CDWP072  
 Japan, PCS-521  
 United Kingdom, CD-R, 2  

2001 Papercut

total 3 items

PromoAustralia, LIPA1  
 Taiwan, Electrostatic Bag Promo  
 United Kingdom, CD-R, 3 Tracks  

2001 In The End

total 1 items

PromoJapan, CD-R  

2001 Hybrid Theory Misc

total 3 items

PromoMy December/High Voltage, United Kingdom, CD-R  
 Points Of Authority, United Kingdom, CD-R  
 Points Of Authority, United Kingdom, VHS  

2002 Pts.Of.Athrty + H! Vltg3

total 5 items

PromoH! Vltg3, US, PRO-CD-100934  
 Pts.Of.Athrty + H! Vltg3, UK, CD-R, 2  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, Japan, PRO-CDR-100942  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, Taiwan, VCD  
 Pts.Of.Athrty, US, PRO-CDR-100942  

2002 Enth E Nd + Frgt/10

total 2 items

PromoEnth E Nd + Frgt/10, US, PRO-CDR-101006  
 Frgt/10, Mexico, PCD 1554  

2002 Reanimation Misc

total 1 items

PromoUnited States, CD-R, Humble Brothers Remixes  

2003 Somewhere I Belong

total 12 items

PromoAustralia, WCDB187  
 Australia, WCDB190  
 Colombia, CD-R, 030218  
 Indonesia, PRCD 01/03/2003/INT'L  
 Japan, Cassette  
 Thailand, PRCD-102  
 United Kingdom, CD-R, 1  
 United States, Acetate CD  
 United States, CD-R, 2 - TRT 3:34  
 United States, CD-R, 4 - TRT 3:36  

2003 Numb

total 4 items

PromoAustralia, WCDB308  
 France, CD-R  
 United Kingdom, CD-R  
 United States, PRO-CDR-101195  

2004 From The Inside

total 2 items

 United Kingdom, CD-R  

2004 Breaking The Habit

total 1 items

PromoAustralia, WCDB470  

2003 Meteora Misc

total 1 items

PromoLFY/Faint, United States, Clone CD  

2004 Numb/Encore

total 3 items

PromoAustralia, WCDB570  
 United Kingdom, CD-R  
 United States, PRO-A/B-101462, 12"  

2004 Collision Course Misc

total 2 items

PromoIzzo/In The End, Australia, WCDB593  
 Points/99 Prob/OSC, United Kingdom, CD-R  

2007 What I've Done

total 3 items

PromoAustralia, WCDB1064  
 Japan, CD-R  
 United States, 2-174972, Mini-Max  

2007 Bleed It Out

total 1 items

PromoAustralia, CD-R  

2008 Given Up

total 2 items

PromoAustralia, CD-R  

2008 Leave Out All The Rest

total 3 items

CDJapan, WPCR-13283  
PromoAustralia, CD-R  
 Japan, Promo For WPCR-13283  

2010 The Catalyst

total 2 items

PromoEuropean Union, 0093624963332  
 United States, CD-R  

2010 Waiting For The End

total 1 items

PromoUnited States, CD-R  

2011 Burning In The Skies

total 1 items

PromoEuropean Union, CD-R  

2010 A Thousand Suns Misc

total 1 items

PromoBlackout, United Kingdom  

2012 Burn It Down

total 3 items

CDUnited States, 531374-2  
PromoFinland, 93624950509  
 France, CD-R  

2012 Lost In The Echo

total 2 items

PromoDenmark, CD-R  
 Germany, CD-R  

2013 Castle Of Glass

total 3 items

PromoBelgium, CD-R  
 France, CD-R  

2014 Guilty All The Same

total 1 items

PromoUnited Kingdom  

2014 Until It's Gone

total 1 items

PromoFinland, 0054391971364  

Previous Bands

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Linkin Park Misc

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Other itemsLinkin Park Exclusive WWRp BRAMBLE MK2 GATLING  
 Linkin Park Soundwave Transformer  
 Mr. Hahn Ningyo  

Fort Minor

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